Editing the environment? (Help?)

Im wondering, is it possible for us to edit certain bits off the map? Well....

So uhm...Im asking this NOW because i have this situation here where i kinda made a pose in the wrong place of a bit in the map. To be more specific, i kinda made a pose/sequence at the wrong end of the sofa at the new beach house. I really need this blanket on the right side of the sofa to be removed because my characters limbs are "digging into" the blanket way too much, and by that time i realized i shouldve made the pose at the other end of it. But its TOO much work for me to redo all the limbs and whatnot, and move them all to the other side (exactly mirrored)  ;___;

Can anyone help me? Odes, you have an input man? Pls? ;___;


  • odesodes Administrator
    Unfortunately there's no way to move an entire pose currently.
  • edited October 2018
    You CAN parent every single joint to the spine of the main "actor", making their entire bodies a "single piece", than move the character and unparent the joints. Does that makes sense to you?
  • That's what I do, parent the arms & legs to the main point of the character, then just move the character to the new place. It's a bit annoying & you'll still need to tweak a bunch of stuff to get it to look good, but it's better than trying to remake an entire interaction just because it's not in the right spot.
  • Oh, boy....Looks like i got no choice then.

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