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Download corrupt? files corrupt?

Hello,i have recently downloaded Yiffalicious on my computer,however i cannot seme to be able to install using the HTTP installer,when i click on the program,it takes a while to open,only to receive the message "The setup files are Corrupted,please obtain a new copy of the program." i have downloaded the installer twice and yet cannot seem to be able to make it work,i would really like to use Yiffalicious,could anyone help me?


  • Maybe the download has been interrupted and not successful, and you have only downloaded part of the installer?
  • indeed it is weird,because it should taht i have downloaded 1,5 Giga needed,yet when i open the archive,it says only 1,45 of the archive has been downloaded,now,i tried to download the 32bits .zip archive too,and when i tried to open,it said that it was corrupted too,i will try to download the .64 .zip file

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