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Downloads Corrupted??? help?

Hello,this time i have downloaded Yiffalicious .zip 64 bits,and noticed a few things...for example..
..this started very early after i extracted everything with 7zip,its not only those files but they start very early,if i remember well,at "level 5"? or possibly even more earlier,not only that,but when the yiffalicious executable is clicked,it ends up with an error message "There should be Yiffalicious_Data" besides executable",even though the folder is already there...anyone help? i think the downloads might be corrupted..


  • Yep,i just tried to use Winrar,and it says that most of those archives are corrupted..are they really,or am i haing some sort of trouble with my computer?

  • odesodes Administrator
    There has been multiple users having trouble with corrupted files lately, seemingly ever since I changed provider. I just reverted back to the old one. Can you try to redownload the files and see if it works now?
  • I will do so as soon as possible,my bad for not being able to do this sooner,for i live on a different timezone,i will download and check it out as soon as possible,thank you very much for your attention and sorry for inconveniencing you in any way
  • redownloading Yiffalicious 32bits right now,i'm going to see if it works

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