rate my scenes!

hello! i recently downloaded this thing and i'm loving it so far. i've made two animations and i want to see what the community thinks of them.

to find them, open up yiffalicious and search 'author:"chatter167"'! i think that's how it works anyway!

first scene: "dragon stud impregnates slut!"
it's what it says on the tin! fraenir and ilinir go at it and one of them ends up with a load of dragon seed in them!

second scene: "hot stud in heat breeding!"
another one featuring my favorite two dragons! fraenir and ilinir are in heat this time of year... so of course fraenir's first thoughts are to fill her up with his huge creampies! this one is much more advanced than the first, featuring fraenir's dirty talk in the snapshots!

i know they're not that impressive technically, but maybe someone here likes them!


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