IS it possible to export VR video?

I just started using the program and so far I love it! I would love to see how some of the stuff I have made would look in VR, but I only have a PSVR headset. My computer isn't beefy enough to run realtime VR with the PSVR headset, otherwise I would just do that. Is there anyway to set up a 180 or 360 degree camera and record scenes from the game for export? 


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    Yiffalicious can't record video, meaning that there's no feature to record inside the game.
    Also, while you can use an external software or hardware device to capture the output of VR to a video file, this is only for the current view of the headset and it includes the optics distortion baked into the video, so it would maybe work for playing it on the exact same headset, but would have really bad distortions on any other headset. Even having the video recorded on different IPD settings for the same headset would result on something too distorted to really have any use.
    For what you want, the software (Yiffalicious in this case) has to have the option to render spherical video to a file.
    Maybe this can be a feature request for Yiffalicious 2. As for Yiffalicious 1, it's very unlikely to be implemented on it, as this project is finished.
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