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Yiffalicious Creators Lounge (Discord Server for YL Creators)

edited November 2018 in General discussion
Hey Everyone!

There is a newer discord that is more geared to YL specifically, that is starting to ramp up for the pending future release of YL2.

It's more specific to creators in both YL1 and for YL2 once it's released, especially since YL2 is going to have more features and be more time consuming to use. This group will be the perfect place to ask for help or tutorials, to seek critique, or to find others to collaborate with.

The reasoning for this server and why it's being created is just to be more specific. The fan discord is more for generalized discussion, and this is more geared for the more serious creator!

In this discord you will find:

- Tutorials for both YL1, and YL2 once released, as well as tutorials on how to make videos
- Advice on general usage at usually anytime
- Another source to share skin ideas and WIP's as well as completed skins
- Collaborative rooms where people can use privately to work on an interaction together
- A place for bug reporting as well as potential work arounds to bugs that have been found but not yet addressed by developers

Once YL2 is released, there will be even more that this group will offer.

If you have any questions, please feel free to send me a message or reply to this thread! Also please note, this group is not affiliated directly with the development of YL, or the YL fan discord group.


  • Bumping with the new release from the Yiffalicious team! Join in for discussions on character building, releases..etc!
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