I don't really have much talent for skin making so i wanted to ask if anyone could make a Mabel skin. I think it might look good on either Charlotte or Elaine, but probably Charlotte since Mabel is ussually drawn with inverted nipples. 
Here are a few pictures so that people know what I'm talking about.


  • This would probably work very well as a Charlotte skin.
  • Yeah as the name suggests.. i don't really have much skill making textures for characters.. but i think it would be nice for someone to make Her as a skin for anyone interested.
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    Started one but I've run into a problem with Charlotte's hair, it seems to work different than other character hairs. Skin is kinda in-complete without the matching hair, anyone know how to do that? Also if there's a way to hide the horns somehow..
  • i think its a good start, really i don't mind the horns being there. what happens when you try to color her hair?
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    With all of Charlotte's hair colors, any skin you try to add is mixed with whatever color is already default in that slot. So it sort of mixes the colors instead of replacing them, limiting what you can do for hair colors. I ran into the issue when I wanted to give Charlotte brown hair, it's hard to make it look right in many of the slots.

    Though you might be able to get a close enough hair color by putting a sort of dark orange color into her last hair slot. I just tried it out myself & it looks ok. Her last hair slot probably has the most flexibility as to what colors can be used on it.
  • Wow that's so weird. I can see how if that is the case, how using her last hair style would work, since its white.
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