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Samsung VR anyone?

Have any of you gotten YL1 to work with Samsung Gear VR? Just got a brand new Galaxy S9 and have thought about getting Gear VR.


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    Look for a computer app called "RiftCat": It allows you to trick games into detecting your phone VR setup/cheaper VR rig as if was an Oculus Rift or HTC Vive.
    Heard about some ppl having success with that!
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    Thanks @DocS :)
  • I'm a few generations behind, using a Gear VR with my Samsung Note 5. Several important additions to that "use VRidge" solution:
    1) highly recommend windows 10, windows 7 is pretty wonky and I recall having lots of trouble getting vridge to work.
    2) Optimize your network setup. This means- run an ethernet cable from your PC to a router that supports 5ghz wifi, and connect to that wifi with your phone. regular old wifi either works with extreme compression or doesn't work at all, and this is WITH an ethernet cable running from the PC.
    3)This is more personal preference, but while VRridge supports streaming audio AND video, it's less obnoxious to just don headphones after you put on the headset, so you don't get crackly and skipping audio.
    And when you get everything working at last...
    4) when entering POV in an interaction, holding LMB/RMB(one of the two) and moving the mouse lets you manually adjust the POV camera
    This is important because "Recenter POV" only recenters on the horizontal axis, so some POV positions become really uncomfortable to look around properly if you don't know this trick.

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