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Patreon deplatorming creators

Dear devs and all members who support the devs on patreon.

I do not know how much you have heard about the whole patreon debacle. They have decided, that the TOS have no overall site meaning and thus can deplatform creators, even though they clearly have not breached them. And when they "do breach" the TOS, it is a conversation or subject taken so far out of context, that someone really had to do some heavy duty mental gymnastics to justify it. I hope you will spend some time looking into moving your business elsewhere, since they are censoring people out of ideology and politics.

Once you start releasing content on a regular basis, I will start supporting you again, but not as long as you are with patreon. This demonetization and censoring needs to stop, right now.
  For more information, look for Sargon of Akkad on YouTube. Note, that he is not the first and won't be the last.

Much Love and Christmas Greetings!


  • This has already been talked a couple times, last time in this thread:

  • @Horsie Thanks, but this time around it is much more as to make them understand, that this sort of behaviour is not valid in a free, open society.
  • I know what you meant, but you always have to put yourself on the shoes of other affected parties.
    To pick a relevant example, Yiffalicious. Isn't banned, as it's contents aren't too extreme, and it doesn't look as if it'll be (unless they change their TOS again, for worse). So if they change to SubscribeStar, it's really easy that a lot of people just don't change platform because of the hassle of doing it. That would mean earning less money.
    They can create a SubscribeStar for Yiffalicious anyway and mantain both sites, but this is a lot more work, and if Patreon lets them stay, why change?

    I'm also against Patreon's content restrictions, but as fringe content is, by definition, not common, they checked the numbers and concluded that it's better to boot those users and save them the PR nightmare that some of those can generate.
    Also supporting this claim, is that Patreon hasn't created a new brand and site to host those content creators. That would be the best option from any perspective, but if they discarded this and forced some users to go elsewhere, it means it's not a worthy piece of the cake.
  • Yiffalicious isn't banned. Yet. However, they've been going on the warpath to purge porn creators, too, so things are looking grim. Furry content is always one of the first on the chopping block when a corporation wants to sanitize its image, since it's such a magnet for moral outrage of various kinds.

    It would be wise indeed to look at alternatives at this stage. Issue is SubscribeStar is evidently under financial attack, with Paypal putting them on their shitlist and other processors likely to follow suit. We live in a day and age where competing with established tech giants ain't tolerated, and they'll use every dirty trick in the book to punish any attempts to do so.

    Fortunately, life always finds a way. There's payment processors specifically for pornographic content (though I hear they take a sizable cut of the transactions due to the high-risk nature of the business) and if all else fails, we can send money directly with bank transfers and such, but unfortunately that's going to be logistically tricky for both us and the devs.
  • odesodes Administrator
    I don't mind expanding the amount of options our fans have for funding our projects. As I already stated in the thread Horsie linked, it's mostly about finding good platforms that accept the type of content we're creating. Then fans could simply pick the one platform that suits them the best.

    As for this particular situation with Patreon - I wouldn't be surprised if they were coerced into this decision. Their payment processors might have threatened to pull out unless Patreon cave to their demands - in this case deplatforming creators whose opinions they disagree with. Indeed, this sets a very disturbing precedent for the future.

    SubscribeStar has already been brought up before, as Horise mentioned. Also, as Brownmane pointed out, apparently they're under attack - I suppose for not caving to payment processors demands.

    I guess we'll just have to see how all this plays out. Again, I don't mind putting up a page somewhere else as well, it's just a matter of finding a good platform.
  • I'm supporting on SubscribeStar a booted creator from Patreon, but on SubscribeStar I use a credit card to pay for my subscription instead of PayPal, because, really, fuck them.
    Also, as far as I know, SubscribeStar gives a better cut of the earnings to the creators, so if Yiffalicious opens a SubscribeStar account I'll move here because it's more money for Yiffalicious, and less for PayPal. Isn't that a win-win situation?
  • Have been contemplating offering my services as a middleman/broker, by setting up a new account and each month, manually send the money to those who have been deplatformed. Sargon of Akkad is one of those, whom I would offer this to. Of course I would take a small claim to the amount, but no more than 5%, since it is as a means to support people who give so much. Think I could handle around 80 to 100 content creators this way. Should not take more than a couple of hours doing it.
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