Skin Tone Dragoness

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So i finally finished on my version of a Illinir skin, this is also my first attempt at making a skin. I made a commented about making this a while back about a skin color dragoness but life had curve balls that i couldn't avoid, however i want to say in advance that i edited one of som2040's skin the mey mey skin here: (huge fan of your work tbh, i hope u dont mind that i used one of your skins)
I made a file for the pictures here:!BHwh3CCD!_9BU6zGLJeSd__Cy6jhs3A
If anyone has suggestions for this or other ideas, I'd be happy to help. Happy Holidays :)


  • Im a person with simple tastes. I'll take this, if you dont mind.

    PS: Mega? Really?
  • edited December 2018
    OH MY GOD Mega wants me to wait for an HOUR for this???

    Fuck meg-ass, cant you upload somewhere else ffs? 

    PS: Srry, but Mega just pisses me off
  • Nope. Meg-ass just glitched the fuck up and loops the one hour wait time.

    Can someone, PLS put it somewhere else than than shitty excuse for a sharing site?
  • so i fixed the download link from mega to dropbox, let me know if it needs fixed thx 
  • @DezzNutzz Bless you.

    Thats better.
  • Uhm...The teeth are miscolored tho.

    And theres a little bit of leftover tint(?) at the top of the eyebrows...Whichs nonexistent atm.
  • @Placebo00 I’ve got good news and some bad news, good news: I’m working on the patch for the teeth, I got them to turn white but I’m seeing some skin color on a few molars. As far as the brows go, I’ll be trying my hand at windows 10 paint app and blender(kind of a facepalm because it didn’t look too bad w/o it, no worries tho) Bad news: I was able to fix the download link via phone which means that any computer work will be put on hold till after Xmas
  • @DezzNutzz

    Take your time. You cant rush art if you want it to be good lul
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