ZeroSuit (set 2 - Charlotte, Khana + swimsuit versions) [Charlotte Herm corrected]

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That's a lot of variations, so lets go direct to the point

[EDIT] Charlotte Herm corrected

Updated versions

(The costumes are in the same order from this images, use in any way you want ;) )

Charlotte Default Charlotte Alt 0 Charlotte Alt 1 Charlotte Alt 2
Charlotte Alt 3 Charlotte Alt 4 Charlotte Alt 5 Charlotte Swim
Charlotte Swim Alt 0 Charlotte Swim Alt 1 Charlotte Swim Alt 2 Charlotte Swim Alt 3
Charlotte Swim Alt 4 Charlotte Swim Alt 5 Ilinir Default Ilinir Alt 0
Ilinir Alt 1 Ilinir Alt 2 Ilinir Alt 3 Ilinir Alt 4
Ilinir Alt 5 Ilinir Swim Ilinir Swim Alt 0 Ilinir Swim Alt 1
Ilinir Swim Alt 2 Ilinir Swim Alt 3 Ilinir Swim Alt 4 Ilinir Swim Alt 5
Khana Default Khana Alt 0 Khana Alt 1 Khana Alt 2
Khana Alt 3 Khana Alt 4 Khana Alt 5 Khana Swim
Khana Swim Alt 0 Khana Swim Alt 1 Khana Swim Alt 2 Khana Swim Alt 3
Khana Swim Alt 4 Khana Swim Alt 5 Maya Alt 0 Maya Alt 1
Maya Alt 2 Maya Alt 3 Maya Alt 4 Maya Alt 5
Maya Swim Maya Swim Alt 0 Maya Swim Alt 1 Maya Swim Alt 2
Maya Swim Alt 3 Maya Swim Alt 4 Maya Swim Alt 5

!!! You can post your own versions on the comments session here !!!


  • Holy crap, thats uh....thats a few skins ya got there.....

    But seriously, great job, these look great!
  • actually its just one skin, I just open it in a image editor and change the HUE, like each one is 100 from the other
  • I just have to say that, they had so many people who change the skins for the smash bros... personally i liked samus's suit in brawl better then the newer versions.... i dont know why... the newer versions... ok, (im not a hater please dont kill me with hatred :T) I just prefer samus in her older outfit...
  • @MegaGarchompXY
    Well, when I was making the originals (Maya and Ilinir) I wanted to be accurate as possible so I downloaded the zero suit samus model from SSB wii U, which was the first "Oficial" 3d model that I could found, and based the skins on that
  • I made some corrections to Charlotte's herm skins and add the penis cover for all the all the variations (They are in the same folder as the skins) they will be upload in a few minutes
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