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how to angle penis?

hello, a forum user.
I have a question about creation of scene of yiffalicious and contributed.

Looking at the posted scenes, you can see what is inserted from outside the front of the hole.
(Pose with angles on the penis)
How do you make this?

For reference, I attach the pose created by Mr. ingLion.
I also want to make such a pose, but even if I move various bones, the hole side and the penis side worked together and it did not go well.

This sentence is translated by google translation.
Sorry to keep reading difficult.


  • When editing, the option at the bottom of the list for the dominant character should be "Transform." Under this there are settings for angling the penis.
  • hllo Motorcycle Cop, 

    i can discover " transform" menu.
    idk this menu see only selecting gizmo point...

    thank your help.
  • The transform menu only appears when the animation is paused, and it has to be a male that's penetrating someone.
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