a little tutorial help with animations

greetings, 1st of all my excuses if my english sound strange, no its my native language (i european, spanish)

how i say in the title, i want to ask about a little tutorial or tutorials for help about with animations, this true the official tutorials about how to make poses and change skins are easy to understand, yes, but i sure here exist people who know how to do another things, as for example how do a character looks suck and lick a penis (this true put the tail inside a hole are easy, but not easy to suck or make a handjob) same i can ask about titfuck or how to do a character move the mouth for simulate are talking

this the reason to i open this discussion, for if want to share tips about how to do this things or build rooms using props or whatever thing what can do the animations or films very best

i talking about the actual versions, yes, i read about future versions, but looks it need more time

thanks by read me :)
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