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Dick that can be attached to Characters. (Fleshlight and Dildos)

this is my suggestion for a solution to the lack of futa characters right now.

1. Make a copy of all the different dick models.
2. turn them into objects that can be attached to characters you know where (or vice versa)
3. Give them the same opportunities to fuck as male/futa characters.
4. Give them the same setting options for fucking as male/futa characters (e.g force, thrusting and sound), and the setting to make it invisible.

I know it's not a perfect solution for the futa shortage, But it offers so many new opportunities, like: Custom dick on futa, double dick Characters, with a bit more work they could be remodeled into dildos and strap on dildos.

And now when I'm talking about sex toys anyway.
make a fleshlight with the same idea behind which the cocks read about above (just where it acts as a hole and not a cock). with it one would finally be able to make a proper handjob.


  • If this is a suggestion for YL1, you should know that as it's finished, no more content will be added to it. Maybe some bugfixes or small additions may be added, but no timeframe has been given and there's no assurance it will be done.
    As for YL2, penises are interchangeable, as unlike in YL1, aren't part of the body mesh; but I don't know if there's the possibility to have more than one on the same character, or to have them moved outside it's intended place.
    By the way, I would love to have the possibility to have more than one penis on a character in YL2.
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