Pokemon skins

I know that I'm not so good at skinning, but after Undertale skins (still waiting for your ideas) I decided to make some Pokemon skins. From the begining i have to mark that i do not own any of theese characters below, they're just Pokemon. First skin that I made: 

Zapdos for Ilnir:

Some previews:
 - With wings ( I know that they look ugly but i couldn't manage to get them into sth. better )
 - Without wings ( I know, i know, but I think it looks so much better )

 - Body
 - Eyes

For best quality i recommend you to turn hair off and set wetness to about 1/3 and maybe switch theese wings off.
Hope you enjoy!
Write what you think and what Pokemon should go next!


  • Hi there! Today I decided to make another pokemon skin:

    Charmeleon for Ilnir

    Preview here

     - Body
     - Eyes
     - Horns

    Best settings: wings and hair off

    Now I'm gonna make all of the Eeveelutions and post them one by one, i think it will take about 2 months to create all of them. Send your other requests about Pokemon here!
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