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[Charlotte] Mary (Devil Goat)

edited March 2019 in Custom skins

A Charlotte skin of Mary from Jesus and Judas (?) for Placebo00!






The tail tuft skin had to be super dark, as I ran into issues with it.
I also am having a lot of trouble with the teeth/mouth if anyone can give me pointers?
I will make a futa version once I figure out how to skin the penis correctly (It maps it over the main body texture.)

Feel free to request!


  • edited March 2019
    Ooooh, my :3

    Thank you senpaii! :333
    We'll wait for the mouth fixed version too

    P.S: I didnt think you'd know the source of the skin. lol
  • Dang it. I waited too long to make this skin. Oh well but it came out well.

  • Sweet!
    I remember this animation and that pink goat, Charlotte sure was a good fit for the character! This anim's director did another one called "King of fools" where a shape shifting frog bothers a sexy gazelle with obnoxious flirting, in the end, he goes for a different approach...
  • Great work, thanks
  • Links dead someone can update pleas?
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