Skin Request for the DeathWing

edited April 19 in Custom skins
Can someone make, Deathwing from Warcraft for both the Dragon and the Dragoness, please. More pics so you guys can get some back view for it.


  • Totally would make this but my substance painter free subscrip ran out :/
  • That's ok. It's actually a skin request from my friend so anyone can make it.
  • @Phyrefist Substance painter is free for students. Basically it's free if you don't use it for profit. Try to get a student license, is worth a try.
  • Hope someone makes it. I'm not in no rush.
  • Has anyone decided to make this skin for both the Dragon and the Dragoness yet?
  • I am back, sonic500887, I will make this for both dragon/dragoness asap, keep an eye out
  • Ok, thanks for letting me know.
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