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Is the project abandoned?

I really hope it's not, I just discovered this app and I love it, but the last updates are very old


  • yeah, somebody know what aproximated date to new version or update to download?
  • Yiffalicious is now considered finished. The devs are now focused on making a second one that will include a character creator.
  • yeah, but no an aproximated date to release a beta or similar of this other second one? 8 months? 1 year?
  • You have to be they patreon and then find the patreon build.
    That's a yl2 mini build.
  • only for patreons? when a free version for test?
  • There's no release date for the first public alpha. When there will be a release date, it will be when the release is imminent.
    The first release will only contain the character creator, and it will be for patrons only.
    Yiffalicious2 will be free (same as the first one), but nothing is known about when the first 100% free version of Yiffalicious2 will be released.
  • I will tack onto this with, the budget 5.5k for a game like this, and trying to split the cost with at LEAST 4 people. they have lives outside of this project and I don't doubt they will have to work for basic necessities.

    if you feel like helping out sure they won't turn it down, and if you don't have that kinda skill, donate to them and get them closer to their goals. other than that, it best to be patient and wait for things to come along. you can check their patreon for monthly updates but it won't go in depth because you have to pay for said info, but it will give you the clarity that.

  • Also the updates are only locked to Patreon for some days, just yesterday they posted the latest update on the development progress.
    Spoiler: it's about internal tools, and nipples. Also the first look into the first two characters that are almost finished and will be included with the first release.
  • edited June 2019
    only for patreons? when a free version for test?

    Yes, only for patreons. When comes the free public build? Maybe someday. Maybe... Nothing is sure.
  • @hornystallion81
    Yiffalicious 2 will be free for everyone, there's no maybe. Only development versions will be exclusive for patrons, the same as with Yiffalicious. 
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