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Yiffalicious 2 VR Interaction.

Img: Reply to Interaction Question

Hello Yiffalicious Team, You guys have really been breaking it down 
with all your hard work and it really shows. Back in July of 2018 I had a question about 
VR interaction with your virtual partner ie: Moving breasts grabbing surfaces for dynamic 
positioning etc. The response at the time was, "After the character editor is implemented"
Following the latest updates it seems we are now in a better position perhaps. 
How is the team feeling about this topic currently ?


  • odesodes Administrator
    Hi there SaltyArts, and welcome back to the forum!

    A few months back we did this poll, asking our fans if they're more interested in expanding the editor, or adding more interactivity:

    The results were overwhelmingly one-sided, far more than I would have thought, favoring expansion of the editor rather than adding more interactivity.

    So while the idea is to greatly expand the amount of options and possible scenes, YL2 will mostly be a viewer thing rather than interactivity thing, just like Yiffalicious.

    A future project may take another path, but it's far too early to speak of such things.
  • Is there a location for the poll outside of Patreon 
    It's locked there 
  • odesodes Administrator
    Ah, sorry about that.

    I made a page shot here:
  • I'm caught up on the discussion. But it almost seems like most people missed what the implications of what Interactivity meant in context of yiffalicious and read it more as, do you want more automation by the game and to have less need for control. Naturally leading people to choose Expressiveness. I dont think it came across as the kind of interactivity I suggested to most people.
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