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Skin files Ruined my pc

I downloaded someones pack a while ago and it gave my computer a virus. i dont remember what skin it was but... My computer freezes when ever i try to open any menu.


  • edited May 2019
    Skins are just pictures, so if you got an infection from a skin download, there had to be any foreign file in the files you downloaded.
    As everything in the Internet, be careful. If you're downloading something that it's supposed to be a skin for Yiffalicious and it contains any kind of application, DO NOT RUN IT, and notify the forum immediately for further investigation.
    Also, always use the latest version of Windows when possible, and always have any type of antivirus active and updated.
  • odesodes Administrator
    I have noted before that many download sites, some of which may have been used to store skins by forum members, seem to intentionally make it confusing for the user to download the file. There may be many buttons saying "download", but don't actually take you to it but rather download something else. Using an adblocker may help remove some of those buttons, but yeah.. hosting files on 3rd party storage sites that get revenue from ads isn't optimal. YL2 will support custom skins natively in its cloud implementation, so that will be one headache less for users.
  • What was the last few things you downloaded? The culprit is usually something you've downloaded withing the last day or two.
  • Also, if you download a file and you aren't sure if it contains a virus, use That site lets you upload a file, and it'll be scanned with over 70 different anti-virus software.
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