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edited June 2019 in Issues
I had Yiffalicious open in the background and went to open Discord. It updates, loads, then crashes. Y'know, whatever. I go to settings to add Yiffalicious as an overlay game. I was going to write Blender as a joke. My entire computer crashes. Blue screen of death. Does its thing, loads up, and I'm stuck in a blue screen of death loop.


  • odesodes Administrator
    edited May 2019
    Sounds like an issue with Discord rather than Yiffalicious. Yiffalicious doesn't start automatically when you start your computer, but discord does by default afaik. Also, according to your story, it seems like this happened when you opened & fiddled with discord.

    What does the BSOD say exactly?
  • This kind of bsod behavior may indicate something thermal related. Let the computer cool completely (shut it down for 15 minutes or so) and try again.
    If it works well, take a look at the heatsinks and fans of the computer, and make sure they're well fitted, working and clean.
  • *sighs* Yeah, I know it's probably my computer. This thing is electric powered horse crap. My Discord isn't set to open automatically. I manually opened it.
  • Seems like an issue that occurs when Discord is opened for too long, if you're certain that Yiffalicious crashes after a while, while discord is opened.. Close discord and try again. Discord takes a nice bit of ram off your PC.
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