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Sound Collections (YL2 Suggestion)

Instead of having "in" and "out" sounds, how about attaching a "sound collection" to a keyframe with a play chance.  So you would have a keyframe with a chance to play one of the sounds in the "in" collection and a keyframe with a chance to play one of the sounds in the "out" collection.  Ditto for slaps.

Allow users to define their own collections from an online library of available sounds, so if they don't want a particular "slap" they can just exclude it from their collection.

Sounds that always play can be 100% chance to play from a collection containing only one sound.

This would let us add moans, bed squeaks and other sound effects.  I imagine all sounds would need to exist on a server somewhere (like YL interactions) and would be downloaded along with the interaction as needed.  Sounds that have been removed from the server for "reasons" (maybe someone uploaded a sound they ripped out of Skyrim) would just not play.

The community could contribute to the sounds library (like and a moderator could give all contributed sounds a quick listen to make sure it isn't just some guy yelling obscenities.  There would also need to be a way to report sounds that violate the rules -- maybe the moderator doesn't recognise a particular sound as being ripped off from an anime or something, but someone else does and could report it.


  • odesodes Administrator
    edited July 2019
    All of what you said are things we have already discussed internally and are intending to implement, with some modifications. When playing sounds, you will indeed play a sound from a "collection" (as you call it). Essentially, when working with sounds you work with "intents" - now I want this type of sound to play. The engine then tries to provide a sound for that intent, or if it doesn't have any then it simply stays silent. We will provide default sounds for these intents, but users will also be able to provide their own sound collections. These custom collections will however not be something we host. It will exist entirely outside of the game. Perhaps an interaction can be made to have certain custom sound collection dependencies, but now we're getting a bit ahead of ourselves. We still have the character creator to ship first.
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