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[Ilinir] White ilinir skin with tattoos

edited July 2019 in Custom skins
Hey guys, second time posting a skin, this time for Ilinir. This one was a lot of fun to make, and after getting a "writer's block" of sorts during the head design, inspiration for the body came pretty quickly (heh, get it?). Unlike most simpler skins I mess around making, Photoshop was my best friend during this one. Hope you all like it, and any type of feedback/criticism is absolutely welcome and appreciated!


I've included the MainTex for the snake-like eye texture, but I think that most eyes actually go well with the skin.

Google Drive download

P.S. the black horns and white hair are just the default options, so I didn't include a texture for them


  • Stop with the skin for Ilinir, There are so many that I do not know which ones to use in game :D

    Seriously, she is really beautiful <3 , thanks you for your work.

    Would it be possible to have a futa version too ?

  • @Eiffel66
    Thanks, and no problem! 
    I will set aside some time to design an appropriate-looking penis shortly, and along with that I will make wings that look good if I can figure out how to work on them (they were acting weird in blender with the assigned materials). I'll update the post when it's done :)
  • She's both enticing and intimidating!
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