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VR controllers for basic movement

I've recently got Rift with touch controllers and setup room scale tracking. And i've found it is about impossible to navigate with the keyboard and mouse while walking in the room. There is just no place to put mouse and keyboard to.

Please can you add the basic movement with VR controllers? This very basic functionality like move forward and strafe should be easy to implement. At least the Unreal engine tutorials I've watched at the moment do this stuff from scratch in less than 10 minutes...

I will be glad to help with beta testing or something to implement this feature. I also plan to try VR development with Unreal engine or Unity and can try to implement this by myself but i don't think the sources are available...


  • odesodes Administrator
    VR in Yiffalicious wasn't made for standing, it was made for sitting. It's unlikely Yiffalicious will receive an update to add such a feature, but YL2 may be adapted for standing VR at some point.
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    That's sad as in standing mode YL is really awesome :( Regardless it was initially made for sitting the only thing to made YL minimum suitable for standing is movement with controllers.

    Please, please add this at least to YL2. I understand that complex projects differ a lot from the simple examples but in Unity examples adding movement with controllers is just matter of a few mouse clicks. May be there is not too many users who use standing mode right now but implementing that is also not seems to require a lot of time while adds really awesome feature...

    I've partially solve trouble using this project: If anyone wants i can share my AutoHotKey script for YL. I don't post it now as i still trying to enhance it.

    At the moment i can not find a way to simulate mouse pointer movements with AutoHotKey. Mouse clicks work fine but something is incompatible with mouse move window messages. May be i should try to emulate joystick?

    Is there keyboard shortcuts to toggle POV, snapshot, transparency?
  • odesodes Administrator
    Is there keyboard shortcuts to toggle POV, snapshot, transparency?
    I don't think there's a keyboard shortcut for POV and transparency, but I think you can switch between snapshots using arrow keys, or use mouse thumb buttons (mouse 4 and 5).

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    I've tried virtual joystick but it also does not move mouse pointer in YL :(

    Please can you point me the right way to simulate mouse movements in YL? How YL catch the mouse? Which window messages to which window should i send?

    For now i use AutoHotKey to emulate mouse/keyboard using oculus controllers. Current script successfully simulate mouse move and click in all plain windows programs.

    For YL i see mouse cursor moving on screen over YL window but it does not control the game. But simulating mouse button clicks seems to work. I can spawn menu and click menu button under current cursor position ('cancel' menu button). When i spawn menu the mouse cursor dissapear from monitor and appear in VR but in VR it does not move.

  • odesodes Administrator
    Yiffalicious is using a 3rd party library called "world cursor" for its mouse cursor in VR menus. This lib is using Unity's Input.GetAxisRaw method for sampling mouse movement, and moving around a transform object using that input. If you can find a way to hook into the raw input, you should be able to affect world cursor.
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    AWW. So that's Direct Input. Done! I've used "AHKInterception" to generate mouse movements and it works fine
    Trying to figure out the most convinient controls mapping.

    The thing i miss is to get "menu active" state. While in scene view I prefer to use right controller joystick to rotate and this require [Right button]+[mouse move] but while menu active i don't need [R Button]

    Also there is annoying thing with player position after scene load. I wish floor to be horisontal and on appopriate height on scene load. Adjusting rotating ground make me feel dramatically uncomfortable in VR the way i sometimes even need to close eyes for a few seconds. Is there a quick way to reset player-to-ground angle and height?
  • odesodes Administrator
    Since the VR camera is free flying and made for sitting, there's no way out of the box to configure it for standing atm.
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