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Fantasy skins

After a long time of drawing, erasing and redrawing, I am finally comfortable to release these skins. So I humbly present to you...

Fantasy skins

All the skins in one!1DJAhSaY!rldMcwuOwgMtel47f9FAAA

Charlotte knight

They train hard and fuck harder. All for one and one for all!



Elaine captain

Knights duty is to serve her captain, but Elaine likes to return the favor.



Khana barmaid

Khana likes to serve cold drinks for hard-serving knights but they want something warm.



Ilinir barbarian and cat assassin

Two travelling mercenaries have entered the city. When strength and stamina are needed, Ilinir the barbarian will handle the job! When skill and discreet are essential, Cat is your choice.



I hope you enjoy!


  • These skins are amazing, great job. Got a link for donations? I feel like giving back at least.
  • Whoa, that's a LOT of great skins! Amazing work!
  • Thanks for both of you for your kind words! And as for @Kakaro ;I do these skins as a hobby when I feel like it. I really appreciate the offering but I don't have links for donations and don´t plan setting up any. If you want, you can support Yiffalicious crew at The patrons usually get the good stuff first!

  • 10/10 skins, great work
  • edited September 2019
  • I found out a couple of errors in the skins so I fixed them. Charlotte jersey and basic knight skins had couple mistakes in the ass and tits. They may not have been too visible but since I'm using them as base skins for future projects, I might fix them anyway.

    Khana barmaid had a weird white spot near the vagina that has now been taken care of.

    If any of you find any more errors in the skins please tell me about them!
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