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Problems orienting connected characters

So i recently downloaded yiffalicious after seeing it on 9gag. Almost no experience with 3D modeling and stuff. But it seemed interesting. Slowly getting to grips with the simulator.

Anyway, the problem I'm having is as follows:

I'm trying to edit a pose I found. Original is a dog ffing a cat bend over a countertop. Quite nice, but anal. Now I've changed the dog to a horse and connected him to her vagina. I found out how to orient the horse the right way up, but i can not change his angle to the cat. How do I do that? I can't select the 'base'-node in the pelvis of the horse it seems. No problem selecting it in the cat. And I can't find how to do this on the wiki page either.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!


  • The Transform option at the bottom of the list of options for that character is where you can adjust the angle at which they stand better. You can not adjust Transform options while the scene is playing however, so remember to pause it first. Only characters doing the penetrating will have this option.
  • Thanks, that really helped me! Now i have a different question. How do you keep the values you set in the different catagories per character as they are? As it is they stay for a couple of seconds, before they reset to their value before i changed them. Specifically the catagories regarding thrusting, force etc. And how does the physics IK work? The value i put in stays on the horse, but not on the cat
  • Many of the adjustable sliders in the game (Expression, thrust, force, etc.) are not static & can be changed by the snapshots, unlike Transform or Inflation sliders which can only be changed by you (For the most part). When a scene has no snapshots, any Expression, Force or etc. value you change will stay as whatever you set it to. But if a scene has at least 1 snapshot, unpausing the scene will default to whatever the first snapshot is in the list of snapshots, changing many of the sliders to whatever was set for it.

    I find deleting all snapshots to be a quick & easy way to be able to adjust things & not have them get reverted by a snapshot. However, snapshots allow you to have much more intricate scenes with more going on overall, so you may want to edit or make them yourself. To edit an existing snapshot, choose one while paused, make whatever changes to the sliders you wish, then right click the snapshot (Or click the little edit icon) & click "Reset to current" to update the snapshot with all the changes you made. To make one from scratch you do mostly the same, just remember to press the "Create Snapshot" button. Snapshots can be set to switch between themselves automatically after time has passed, & can have their order in the list swapped around as well.

    As for the physics IK section, I wouldn't worry about that one too much, as it seems to only be useful in very niche cases. The most important sections for the real movement of the characters is Thrusting & force, maybe Random Movement as well to make things have a little more random gyration. I do recommend experimenting with all of the options available though, as everything can have a use, so don't be afraid to mess around & see what happens.
  • Basically set your settings and click on "SnapShots" in the top left and click create and then click set to current
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