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YL2 - Progress report

odesodes Administrator
Hi all!

We hope you're doing well!

We've managed to get a lot of stuff done this month. The light at the end of the tunnel is getting brighter each day, and we're very excited!

Let's just jump into it!

Audited by bank

Before we begin, I feel the need to tell you about a recent interaction we had with our bank, because it has affected us mentally as well as our ability to work.

Apparently, according to new regulations in the EU, banks are obligated to know their customers much more closely now than before in order to prevent money laundering. The way banks in our area seem to have interpreted this is to require customers running businesses to set up a special type of account that require significant questioning before being issued. Not only that, but regular customers also need to answer questions.

Recently, our bank created obligatory forms asking all their customers (private individuals as well as businesses) how exactly they are using their accounts and where money is coming from. During this auditing process, it was discovered that we've been using a regular bank account for business activity, which is not permitted anymore, even if it's just a sole proprietorship. For this, you need this special business type account.

In order to acquire such an account, you have to send in an application, fully detailing what it is you're doing, where the money is coming from, how much is being spent each month and so on. They look at this request, and then call you back within 10 banking days, where they will then ask you even more in depth questions. As you might imagine, knowing this is what we would have to go through to acquire a bank account we can use for our business put us in a bit of a distress, because we had no idea how they'd feel about our kind of work. I mean, there's nothing illegal in what we do, but we genuinely feared they might take offense to this type of content, or somehow think it isn't in line with their policies or something. We just didn't know what to expect. So as soon as we learned that this audit was going to happen, we immediately started working on a script, trying to anticipate what they might ask and what the best way to answer their questions might be.

Not knowing when exactly they'd call was very troublesome, because it was tough to put it out of our minds, which interfered with our ability work. The possibility of your income being stripped away from you was mentally really tough to deal with, and there was nothing we could do but wait for them to call to actually know what was going to happen. Eventually, after a few days of feeling almost sick of worry, it started feeling better and I was able to start working somewhat normally again.

The day when they called finally arrived 11 days after we sent in the application, and as it turns out, our fears were completely unnecessary. The call was a little bit awkward, naturally, but other than that they were super cool about it. We spoke for 27 minutes and I thoroughly explained what we're doing, how our work is financed, how Patreon operates and so on. We got our business account, so hopefully we should now be able to put this behind us and continue to work in peace!


In our last post, we mentioned some of the tasks left to do before we can have a release - saving and loading being one of them. This month, we're happy to say we've finally got this going! This was a rather big task that we didn't know just how much trouble it was going to give us. YL2 is a very complex application, so I feared this was going to give us many headaches. Some refactoring was necessary, but other than that, I must say things have worked out smoother than I thought they would. Sure, some problems here and there, but not anywhere near as bad as I thought it would be. It's almost as if it was a bit too smooth which has left me feeling a little bit paranoid. Surely, there must be a bug lurking somewhere in there! I'm sure there is, but it isn't showing itself atm. I'm certain we'll have to revisit this topic later on once we have an internal dev build that we can start testing with, but as far as saving and loading is concerned for all the components we've tested, it seems to work fine in Unity Editor!

I'm not sure if there's that much else to say really, so here are two pictures showing it in action:

(Silly example of saving a character that has been configured.)

(Loading said character. Here we can see texture builder, balls, shaft, nipple, eyes and custom parts (in this case ears) being loaded properly. Body types and work too, but we recently changed the UVs and our body type maps haven't been updated yet so they don't line up with them. That's why we chose not to show a body type.)

Pose mode

We've started working on a pose mode inside the app. The idea is to allow the user to try out different poses for the character being authored, and also save these poses (a bit like a pose library in Blender). We want to complement this with a "simulation mode", which would be something similar to the "test" mode in Yiffalicious, i.e. the character starts moving a bit and appears to be alive. In this case, that's when gravity would be applied, so you can see how exactly boobs would look when being affected by gravity.

(We've started working on a pose mode for the character creator.)

(Nodes automatically activate when you use them, so there's no need to press "C" like in Yiffalicious. You can still deactivate an activated node though.)

Tit-rig experimentation

For YL2, we want to improve on every aspect of the app, and naturally tits are not an exception to this. That's why we've been researching how we could rig things a little bit differently this time around in order to achieve more jiggly, squishy and generally better behaving boobs.

Here you can see the results of our research:

(We're experimenting with a new a new tit rig that will offer more jiggly and squishy boobs. Her left side is rigged according to new method, while right side is rigged in the old way.)

Automatic corrective shape generation

This was another big task that we mentioned in our previous post.

Essentially, in Yiffalicious we noticed that with the boob sizes that we have, there would be ugly distortion if we modeled the characters' breasts in hanging fashion (with gravity) for other situations than that base pose (hanging). Not only mesh wise, but also map wise, because if maps were baked with the boobs hanging, then the crease beneath the boobs would look very strange for other situations, for example if they were hanging forward (the character bending over). Therefore, with later characters (after Maya I think), we started modelling our characters in "zero gravity", i.e. with boobs standing right out. This would also make the baking process produce maps that were less situational and more well-rounded.

When it comes to bone deformation, it's generally a good idea for the base pose of the character to be "in the middle" of that character's possible poses, simply because that will require the least amount of deformation to reach a desired pose. That's also the reason why we started modelling our characters in X-pose (with the legs spread), because then the legs will require less rotation to reach any of the poses those legs can be in than would otherwise be required if the character was modeled standing.

However, modelling tits in this zero gravity fashion has its own downsides, namely that the hanging pose (when gravity is applied) doesn't look as good as it would have if the boobs were modeled like that from the beginning (which isn't that surprising if you think about it). The way we solved this was by creating "corrective shapes" for the situation when the boobs are hanging (as well as some other situations) - essentially an adjustment that is applied to make it look good.

Someone might ask why we didn't just model boobs regularly with gravity and then create corrective shapes for non-hanging poses. The reason for this is simply that those correctives would require much more significant vertex offsets than if we simply created correctives for a more "in the middle" kind of pose. You can picture if as a joystick being calibrated for a middle position rather than for a special kind of tilt - naturally it's better to pick the middle position. Also, the issues with map baking was another contributing factor to why we started with zero-gravity, as we explained above.

Before, these corrective shapes were something we manually created on a per character basis inside our authoring tools. However, that's something that wouldn't work in YL2, for several reasons. In order to achieve the best quality corrective shape, it needs to be made for a specific shape. But the final shape of a user's character isn't really known prior to user authoring, so there's no way to pre-make these corrective shapes. Furthermore, even if we wanted to, we don't even have access to the shape of the skeleton for the different body types in our authoring software, as that's something that's computed during runtime in our systems in Unity. Therefore, we wanted to try and see if we could automate this shape generation inside Unity during runtime as well, because it's essentially just a modifier being applied ("corrective smooth" in Blender).

We're happy to say we have been successful in this endeavor, and now have a system that's essentially a 1 to 1 parity with its blender counterpart as far as results are concerned. Our implementation is far more performant than Blender's though. Generating 1 corrective shape in Blender takes many seconds to do, but in our implementation, we are able to create multiple correctives at the fraction of a second. This is thanks our computations being implemented on the GPU rather than the CPU, which speeds things up significantly. So now we can generate corrective shapes at runtime tailored specifically for any character shape that the user has configured. SUPER COOL!

(The difference correction shapes make on hanging tits.)

(The actual correction shape itself looks quite crazy and counter-intuitive. But here it is! The idea is to apply this shape gradually as the breast hangs down - just like in Yiffalicious. The difference now is that these shapes are automatically calculated, requiring zero authoring on our part!)

Subsurface scattering

Some of you may remember that we mentioned SSS (surface scattering) in a post many months ago. SSS is a feature that HDRP - the new rendering pipeline for Unity - has native support for. However, as HDRP is still in development, we've found ourselves to be quite heavily invested into the current "built-in" rendering pipeline of Unity. Not only in terms of our custom made material shaders (which are becoming quite many), but also for techy stuff like hooking into the rendering setup for our mesh blending tech. Furthermore, HDRP seems to not really perform at the framerates we would hope, and considering just how much GPU compute YL2 will use, we feel uncomfortable moving over to HDRP at this point. Therefore, we have decided to continue using the built-in pipeline for YL2.

This poses a problem however, as we really want to get SSS into it but built-in doesn't support it natively. That's why we this month have been looking into options for achieving SSS in the built-in pipeline.

After some research, we're happy to say we think we have a viable method of achieving SSS in YL2 at very good framerates. We think our solution provides a very noticeable visual improvement:

(Toggling a custom SSS effect on an off in the built-in pipeline. It's a subtle effect but that really makes a big difference in the appearance and interpretation of the object.)

(Still image. For comparison, here's the same object w/o SSS.)

For comparison, here's what the HDRP SSS looks like:

(SSS in HDRP, for comparison with our solution for built-in pipeline.)

Considering how much better our solution performs compared to HDRP, I'd say we're quite pleased with the looks of it!

Our custom solutions uses the best parts of many different SSS assets, combined into a new tech that performs very well while producing OK results, and w/o requiring special materials (which is a huge bonus!). It operates exclusively as a post-rendering step. Thanks to shader trickery, the objects receiving the effect are not required to be rendered again (only the actual post-processing effect itself requires draw calls), which is seemingly unique for our solution. Other solutions would require many more draw calls, and sometimes even require the entire scene to be rendered twice, which is totally unacceptable! That's why we chose to invest time into this custom solution that performs far better.

Some work still remains to actually get this into YL2, but it is our hope that we'll be able to add this for the initial release of the character editor.

Content iteration efficiency improvements

Iteration is everything in game dev. So this month, as we're getting closer to an internal dev-build, we've put effort into improving iteration times. We have now split up our projects into two smaller ones - one for the code, and one for the content.

YL2 Batch Tools is now able to easily and quickly export assets to this second content Unity  project with a simple button click. YL2 Batch Tools will export objects with the correct settings, name and put each one of them into the correct folder structure. Then, inside Unity, we have created a custom asset build pipeline where assets are processed and compiled into an AssetBundle. This asset bundle is then used by the YL2 build. This means dogson can work freely and try out new assets inside the build, without having to involve me or without having to create a new build, which speeds up iteration times significantly. This also means we in theory can keep adding content without changing the build.

(YL2 Batch Tools is able to quickly export our source files/baked textures from our source folder structure to the one inside our Unity project.)

(Inside Unity, we have set up a special project for building asset bundles separately from the actual code build itself.)


What lies closest ahead is getting an internal dev-build that we can start testing, and that dogson can start creating asset bundles for to test the content. We will most likely run into some problems during this process that need to be solved, but hopefully things should be working fluidly after some time.

We need to continue our work on the pose mode, and also start implementing the simulation mode - which will require us to rig and implement boob dynamics.

In general, I think as we're starting to test the dev-build, we will run into many unexpected issues that needs solving.

So these are the things we're going to work with until next update.


Despite distress caused by being audited by our bank, we've still managed to make some great strides this month. Saving and loading has been implemented as well as automatic corrective shape generation - two very big tasks we are proud to have accomplished. A pose mode for the character creator is also something we've started working on.

We've also been experimenting with a new tit rig that will offer higher quality boob behavior. Realtime sub surface scattering is another topic we've been looking into, and results are promising.

Finally, we've spent much time setting things up for faster content iteration times.


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    I've been looking up the site for a while, but upon seeing the whole banking scam and the new "laws" (imposition backed up solely by the threat of violence and coercion), I made an account to bring you guys awareness about how money, government and the banks are all frauds. Money is completely worthless. It's just the belief in money that makes it seem valuable. Literally, monopoly money and "actual" money is the same. What's the difference, though? One is believed to be fake and the other is believed to be "real". Government, money and corporations (as with all hierarchies) are systems of slavery and tyranny.

    If you give a shit about freedom and don't want to see yourself and your kids living in a global, overt dictatorship (we now have a more and more blatant, but still tentatively "covert" one, which is apparently enough to fool those who don't see the inherent immorality and evil that is slavery/tyranny, or who don't realize that's the current condition of our society, by design), help yourself and others by watching these videos, to become more aware of what banks and goverments are, and why. These are just starters, though. Do your own research, use your own intuition, intelligence, spirituality, morality, etc.

    Remember, no one rules, if no one obeys.

    Yes, okay, I still use money myself, but I recognize its worthlessness and what it is as a tool for slavery. As would a chain be, for example. There is a fundamental difference between being addicted to the chain and defending it, compared to seeing it for what it is and using it as a weapon, until you fully break free of it. One of the better ways using money while not feeding the system, is to work on a voluntary, donation basis, without making any kind of a financial statement or starting an official business, LLC, Inc., or other alphabet soups. If they try to ask, intimidate or threaten you, including physical violence, stay strong and know you're doing the right thing by *not* engaging in slavery.

    So long as what you're doing doesn't deliberately aid in causing harm to another living being, you're not doing a wrong. Therefore, violence, theft, coercion and manipulation are pretty much the only type of wrongdoings. When you look at pretty much the fundamentals of what government is based upon, it's exactly violence, theft (taxation), coercion and manipulation. Government is really just a euphemism for slavery, tyranny and mind-control (which is what the term means, etimologically: "guvernare/gubernare", to control; "ment/mente", the mind). It's not an accidental term, people.

    A natural right is a natural right, and a wrong is a wrong, no matter what's written in any paper, no matter how fancy the writing, pen or paper might be.

    If someone doesn't have a right, nobody has it. If someone does have a right, everyone does.

    The immoral banking system -

    Money is a belief system, and the fraud of "fractional reserve banking" (lending people money that doesn't exist, charging interest and then taking actual resources that do exist; land, houses, etcetera) -

    Taxation, prohibition, "laws"? All bullshit -

    A world without the religion of money -

    Of course, always question everything. The more we question, the more we know... and the more we know, the more we question. Thus, with spirit, intuition, intelligence, etc, we comprehend.... among other things...

    We are responsible for both keeping the bullshit system in place, and we are also the ones responsible for freeing ourselves of it.

    We are all and always free and freedom, imagination, will and intent... infinity, unlimitedness and veyond... among other things...

    What we choose to manifest is always a choice.

  • GG Yiffalicious team :)
  • Awesome work as always, kudos!

    Regarding the pose mode, I really hope the fingers will be posable this time.
  • What made you think I wasn't? Being consciously passionate and mindful is very much opposite to being blinded by bias or sentimentality.
  • odesodes Administrator

    Yes, fingers are rigged and will be posable once we get to the interaction systems.
  • @umnut
    Sir, this is a furry porn site.
  • Awesome work on this. I'm always excited to see how far YL2 is coming. I've held off becoming a patron because I don't really have any income and there's a ton of artists and projects that I want to support, but that's probably gonna change soon, so I'm thinking I'll become a patron when there's a Patreon build for the creator. 

    In any case, keep up the awesome work!
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    Do you think those issues would not affect it or the people visiting it? Especially if one is looking the other way and ignoring them, being basically accomplices through silent consent? Is the site, or most of the people visiting it, fully in another world that is different than the one where those issues are being let to occur?

  • Listen, dude. We all know we live in a dumpster fire of a society. This just isn't the place to talk about it. This is a forum about (potentially the best ever) furry porn app. Let it be. Posting politics is  out of place and it makes you look silly.

  • Every time I see an update from you guys it blows me away. The Yiffalicious team is heading towards making the porn app to end all porn apps. As soon as my bank account doesn't look like it's sick and dying, I will support on Patreon. You guys deserve it.

  • @umnut
    Your post is clearly offtopic. Stop defending it.
    Also, trying to shoehorn your ideas onto a forum that is specialized on something that has nothing to do with politics and economics is one of the worst ways to try to get people on your side.
    If you want to discuss further, feel free to create a new thread on the offtopic category. I won't keep talking about this on this thread, I don't want to keep polluting it with stuff that is not of any interest for the people reading this thread.
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    Hey how close to open alpha? beta? complet game? 1-2 years? pleas tell me some :)
  • Looking silly or it being off-topic doesn't make the tiniest difference, neither in terms of my approach, nor in terms of whether or not the information is accurate,  It's not about getting people on "my side", it's about people recognizing what is right and wrong, and doing something about it, in some form or another.

    Plus, it wasn't exactly off topic, seeing as how part of the post did mention the issues with the bank, which is part of why I wanted to post this stuff here in the first place. In other words, because aside from caring about freedom in general, I do also care about the people making this (as with all people, pretty much). People's well being, by the way, not their egos' sensitivities or biases.

    Anyway, fair enough, I'll post this in the off-topic as well. The point was to raise awareness or remind people (whether they liked it or not; as indifference helps the slavery through complicity).
  • The ever-encroaching micromanagement of people's financial affairs doesn't sit well with me, either. It's always a prelude to something bad, usually the powers-that-be deciding what can and can't receive funding of any kind, save for cold, hard, untraceable cash (which they're in a hurry to eliminate as an option, too, judging by what I've been hearing). Porn, especially furry porn, is invariably high up on their shitlist, so it would be prudent at this stage to make backup plans for the possible worst-case scenarios, as what's acceptable today may not be acceptable tomorrow in these interesting times. Perhaps it would be possible to take advantage of the infamous Swiss banking system and their secrecy in this regard? Just make sure you're paying the due taxes to keep the bulldogs off your back.

    Posing is nice, but you might want to hold off on the simulation if it ends up being a lot of trouble. Most of the time, people are going to be showing off static screenshots of their creations rather than gifs, especially when all the animation on display would just be a simple automatically generated idle loop, so the functionality wouldn't be crucial for the first release of the character creator demo. Still, if it's easy enough to get it done, we'll manage the extra wait for it. We've made it this far, after all.

    I take it the corrective shape can be adjusted a little by the user, like the .gif displays, right? I'll bet it might not look quite how the user would want it out-of-the-box, so a bit of creative leeway there will be handy.

    The SSS substitute isn't quite perfect (the light reflections get considerably brighter, I noticed) but nevertheless works nicely and I'll bet a bit of polish will make it nearly perfect. I hope we'll have the option to toggle it for specific bits of the character, though, if said bits happen to be made of materials where the effect would make little sense, or it just looks better without it.
    I recall you had a similar reason of waiting for the official tools to improve in regards to iridescence. I figure you could whip up a workaround for that, too, given that the Saint's Row series has always had iridescent car paints despite being quite old. I'm guessing it's a fairly simple shader trick they used, something to the effect of making shaded and lit areas a different hue rather than just a darker or lighter value of the base colour. Would be nice to have something like that where you can customize the both the base colour and the iridescence colours. I'll bet there's some info out there on how such a shader can be built, too. Obviously, this isn't something you should delay everything to implement, but I have a feeling it would be a feature many would appreciate having at some point in the future.
  • @Brownmane

    Someone else who (at least seemingly) likes to speak their mind, no matter how they're seen by others. It is appreciated. However, all taxation is extortion, theft and slavery, so they shouldn't be paid. Personally, I pay no taxes (except VAT, when I buy something online or in the stores, as VAT's included in the price) and never file any "claims of income". Also, the funny thing is, they're actully the "powers-that-wannabe" or the "non-powers that are let to be", by those who believe in their bullshit. Again, no one rules if no one obeys.

    Conscious defiance and a love and respect for one's self and others are key, among other things...


    As from some practical solutions (that is, in addition to the spiritual and moral self-respect and self-love), here are a few:

    1) Just don't respond to their emails or calls. If they come knockin', stand strong and refuse to comply. In other words, have a spine and don't accept any form of extortion.

    2) Try some other crowdfunding platforms, like subscribestar, or others that either aren't big on censorship, like patreon is, or preferably who are against it.

    3) Don't turn into an "official" business or studio. Remain "garage buddies", so to speak, and operate on voluntary donations, instead of selling a product. Yes, you're technically doing that now, more or less, but I meant continue. Also, without restricting or delaying releases for non-donating people. Both because, firstly, it would be more honest and less business-like, as well as because, secondly, it will be more difficult for them to say that you're actually selling a product. Money shouldn't be a reason for doing anything. Besides, the people who do care about the project on more than just a "want to fap" level, will still support you.

    4) Anything you have in surplus of what you need to live, invest in going off grid or in some form of self-sufficiency, permaculture homesteading, water and electrical independence, etcetera. Neither of those things are too expensive, by the way, compared to living in the city, buying an apartment or renting one. Long term, it's cheaper and decouples you from the system.

    5) Keep your money out of the banks. Take your money in cash from the ATM and don't let it stay in your bank account, as digital numbers that can be erased with the press of a button.

    Among other things, with part of the point being, where there's a will, there are always ways. It's up to us to make the choice to create and find ways.
  • @umnut

    Forgive me for saying so, but I think your view of this is a bit naive and simplistic. I'm guessing you're American, so I don't think you quite understand how things work in the EU. Unlike the United States, most of the countries here don't have a constitution that guarantees things like freedom of speech or the right to bear arms. The prevailing philosophical view is that all the things you'd consider inalienable rights our governments consider privileges that they've given us and can also take away at any time for any reason, and I have a feeling they would, too, were it not for the massive civil unrest it would cause. So, keeping the cops off you in these parts isn't a simple matter of asking if you're being detained and claiming sovereign citizenship, as such concepts are null and void in their eyes. Better to keep your head down and not give them any reason to notice you in the first place.

    But, this is getting off topic, again. I'll continue in the thread you made.
  • @odes and @Dogson

    Holy Moly guys! This is the dopest I've seen in a long time! If a release hasn't been made buy the end of the year, I will go (begrudgingly) patreon in January. Can't wait to play around with it!
      Is there any chance, that we might get access to recreate the Elf girl, Dogson made some years ago? 
  • @Brownmane

    Actually, I am in the EU, in a country that had a communist regime, and now is a "democracy" that has a socialist-minded government. (A democracy, even if there was an actual one anywhere in the world, in practice, it's just a majority trying to impose upon a minority. It's still slavery.)

    Naivety is believing everything is rosy and puffy, without actually looking at the negative. An example of a naive approach would be people hunkering in a corner and "hoping" things would change, without them doing anything to change or help change it. "Gee, i'm still gonna pay all my taxes, give my ID to police and accept more privacy invasion. But I want to make a difference!! Really I do."

    Really? For as long as you're not doing what you claim you want to do, you're just wishing, while contributing to the very thing that you're complaining about. You're just "saying" you want change. To actually bring about any change, one needs to actually *become* the change they want to see manifest.

    Pessimism is looking only at the negative, and refusing to acknowledge the positive; which is its own form of naivety.

    I propose people look at all aspects of something and make conscious judgements about them. Being passionate about something because we live it, know it and comprehend it with every fiber of our being is part of the very essence of being alive.

    Here's the thing. Freedom is freedom. It is *not* something granted, given or taken. No constitution will ever give you freedom, nor will it take it away. Freedom is inherent in everyting. Everything that has "form" in any way, is an expression of freedom. Be it in a retarded fashion, whereby people choose slavery, fear, cowardice and all that, Or, in a conscious way that doesn't do fear, or at the very least is courrageous enough to overcome it.

    Living in a slavery system and playing its game is not a life worth living. Family, without a conscious expression fo freedom? Pointless. Friends? Same. Fun? Same. Without consciously expressed freedom and morality, everything is but a pale shadow or husk of what it could be.

    Freedom is *not* a political, social, intellectual, or even a philosophical idea. Freedom is infinite and unlimited potential. Which includes all the bullshit, evil stuff, all the "meh" stuff and all the good, conscious and elevatory stuff.

    Government (slavery), in itself, in all its forms includes *only* the negative aspects. If there is anything positive to be gained from a situation of slavery, cowardice, fear and all that, it's because one has chosen to overcome them, so it's because of the individual's growth in consciousness, *not* the negative things themselves.

    To grasp genuine freedom, one has to overcome fear and ego. If people haven't done that, they'll keep looking for excuses that ultimately boil down to "fear of consequences", which means their actions are made with a motivation of fear, which means they are cowards.

    The point is to overcome fear, to be courageous (which is the process of overcoming fear) and then fearless. When we do what is right, regardless of the abundance or adversity we face, then we know what it's like to actually live life, and see beyond it.

    Freedom is what gives meaning to everything. We are all and always free and freedom. What we choose to manifest is, again, always a choice.

  • @umnut

    Let's keep this contained to one thread, shall we? You'll find my next post over there.
  • edited October 6

    I have replied. Still, this is something that people should know about, plus I'm actually trying to help the developers as people in their journey in life, not just to keep things going smooth for the YF2 project, which is secondary to one's life (I mean, lol, that should be obvious).

    Anyway, if people wanna reply to me about the topic and make this particular thread about the technical details of the project, here's my forum post/thread:

    Also, a brief overview of the differences between an anarchic community and a government plantation, as well as about clarifying misconceptions about both.

    I'll still reply here, if I feel or see a reason to, or if people keep replying to me here.

  • odesodes Administrator
    @AleCat @SixAndAHalf

     I hope we'll have the option to toggle it for specific bits of the character, though, if said bits happen to be made of materials where the effect would make little sense, or it just looks better without it.
    SSS will be a shader (default shader is PBR) that is selectable in the material object for each part of the body. (Currently, the body consists of 4-5 materials: body, head, hands, feet and optional balls/sheath). The idea is also to offer a texture mask property on the SSS effect, so the user can configure where on the material the effect will be applied.

    Note that SSS is not guaranteed to make it into the first release.

    Haven't looked into it regarding the built-in render pipeline, and right now we have too many other tasks to complete. But there's a chance we'll look into it eventually.


    Holy Moly guys! This is the dopest I've seen in a long time! If a release hasn't been made buy the end of the year, I will go (begrudgingly) patreon in January. Can't wait to play around with it!

    Release dates is still a touchy subject for us. But, we have an internal date in mind (hah, as if that would be the first time) that we're working towards (I think many can guess what date that is). We're prepared to cut corners to make this release date.

    Is there any chance, that we might get access to recreate the Elf girl, Dogson made some years ago? 
    YL2 will be strictly anthro (furry/scalie). Elves or humans will not be implemented.

  • Hi.

    And what about the motion of the fingers? Type grab a dick or ass? Or fingering?
  • odesodes Administrator
    Those are things we'll have to look at once we get to the interaction systems, so it's too early to say at this point. All I can say is that we have ideas, but how those ideas will pan out remains to be seen.
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