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How do I install such skins?

Hey everyone, I'm new to the forums.
I was scrolling through the pose selection menu when I found a pose with a Krystal skin. I clicked on it but, of course, It did not load because I didn't have said skin, and it replaced Krystal with a vanilla character. I came by the forums, found the skin, downloaded it... But I have no idea of where or how I should install it. Any help with that? Is there a specific folder in the files? Do I create one? Do I need to unpack the files? Heeelp!


  • Take the _MainTex.png file from the skin .zip you downloaded & go to where the game is installed. Use the windows file explorer search bar if needed, or right click the desktop shortcut & open file location if you have a shortcut. From there, you go yiffalicious > custom > textures > character_cat > Body > 0 (Or 1 or 2) > CatBody & place the _MainTex.png file here finally. This will replace the default skin for that slot with whatever _MainTex PNG file you put in there. It's pretty much the same for all characters & all parts of character (Eyes, Hair, Etc.).

    There is a Skin Manager program that might simplify all this for you by the user jei3, I just prefer doing it manually. Search for that on the forum if you are interested in learning & using that.
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