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Reminder about how messed up our society is, and how to overcome it

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I made this post in the recent update thread of the game, where the team said they had some issues with the bank, and some new "legal" bullshit that's trying to normalize even further privacy invasion, the government's and banks' attempt to manipulate the population, etcetera.

Consider it however you like, I don't care. The point is that you make up your own mind about it (preferably without having your head up your ass and without letting yourself swayed, by anything, nor by social engineering and mind control programming). Anyway, here's the information, make of it what you will.

On another note, I do appreciate that - at the very least - the account/post/comment wasn't censored or deleted (yet, at least, as is "custom" in some other places). That potentially shows some level of integrity; which pretty much should be a common thing, not an exception.

Free speech is free speech, fairness and all that. Anyway, onto the post.


I've been looking up the site for a while, but upon seeing the whole banking scam and the new "laws" (imposition backed up solely by the threat of violence and coercion), I made an account to bring you guys awareness about how money, government and the banks are all frauds. Money is completely worthless. It's just the belief in money that makes it seem valuable. Literally, monopoly money and "actual" money is the same. What's the difference, though? One is believed to be fake and the other is believed to be "real". Government, money and corporations (as with all hierarchies) are systems of slavery and tyranny.

If you give a shit about freedom and don't want to see yourself and your kids living in a global, overt dictatorship (we now have a more and more blatant, but still tentatively "covert" one, which is apparently enough to fool those who don't see the inherent immorality and evil that is slavery/tyranny, or who don't realize that's the current condition of our society, by design), help yourself and others by watching these videos, to become more aware of what banks and goverments are, and why. These are just starters, though. Do your own research, use your own intuition, intelligence, spirituality, morality, etc.

Remember, no one rules, if no one obeys.

Yes, okay, I still use money myself, but I recognize its worthlessness and what it is as a tool for slavery. As would a chain be, for example. There is a fundamental difference between being addicted to the chain and defending it, compared to seeing it for what it is and using it as a weapon, until you fully break free of it. One of the better ways using money while not feeding the system, is to work on a voluntary, donation basis, without making any kind of a financial statement or starting an official business, LLC, Inc., or other alphabet soups. If they try to ask, intimidate or threaten you, including physical violence, stay strong and know you're doing the right thing by *not* engaging in slavery.

So long as what you're doing doesn't deliberately aid in causing harm to another living being, you're not doing a wrong. Therefore, violence, theft, coercion and manipulation are pretty much the only type of wrongdoings. When you look at pretty much the fundamentals of what government is based upon, it's exactly violence, theft (taxation), coercion and manipulation. Government is really just a euphemism for slavery, tyranny and mind-control (which is what the term means, etimologically: "guvernare/gubernare", to control; "ment/mente", the mind). It's not an accidental term, people.

A natural right is a natural right, and a wrong is a wrong, no matter what's written in any paper, no matter how fancy the writing, pen or paper might be.

If someone doesn't have a right, nobody has it. If someone does have a right, everyone does.

The immoral banking system -

Money is a belief system, and the fraud of "fractional reserve banking" (lending people money that doesn't exist, charging interest and then taking actual resources that do exist; land, houses, etcetera) -

Taxation, prohibition, "laws"? All bullshit -

A world without the religion of money -

Of course, always question everything. The more we question, the more we know... and the more we know, the more we question. Thus, with spirit, intuition, intelligence, etc, we comprehend.... among other things...

We are responsible for both keeping the bullshit system in place, and we are also the ones responsible for freeing ourselves of it.

We are all and always free and freedom, imagination, will and intent... infinity, unlimitedness and veyond... among other things...

What we choose to manifest is always a choice.


  • The thing about any kind of currency, whether it be paper or gold, is that it is worthless save for the value it's been ascribed by us, because if it did have some other value, it would be a resource rather than a currency. Technically, gold can be used for tools, sure, but just about any other material would work much better, since gold is both heavy and soft, making for unwieldy tools that break easily. The reason currency exists is to facilitate trade, to quantify the value of a good or a service, because a purely goods-based economy is limited to a very local level on account of perishable goods and subject to wild fluctuations based on the availability of certain goods due to climate and/or available raw materials. It would skew the value of items in favour of the durable and reusable to an extreme degree, which will lead to a shortage of people willing to produce food on account of the low profit margins, which could quickly lead to famine and require intervention by whatever governing body you've got to make sure people are providing the basic necessities for survival despite their unattractiveness as business ventures, so you're pretty much back at square one again. With currency, you can easily redirect some of your surplus (gained either through taxes or more profitable enterprises, depending on who's doing the funding an how) to support these vital but thankless industries. Without currency, you pretty much only have force of arms to compel people to work, which is how it was for most of human history, and as the many famines will attest, isn't the optimal way to motivate your workforce. The carrot is preferable to the stick, after all.

    I'm guessing you're thinking that everybody should just grow their own food to get around this issue. Food's not the only thing you need for basic survival, obviously, and even with modern technology it requires a fair bit of real estate and time investment to get working, which is a commitment that takes away from everything else you could be doing and/or making. Now multiply that by everything else you need (building your own house with materials you make yourself, not an easy feat even in agreeable climates, taking care of hygiene so you don't end up sick all the time, learning enough about medicine to keep yourself alive because you'll still end up sick sometimes even with good hygiene, etc.) and you'd end up with a society of generalists, jacks of all trades, masters of none. While that is indeed often better than a master of one, once you have a society of skilled specialists, they can work together to play on each others' strengths and cover for each others' weaknesses, leading to arguably better results as each individual can reach greater heights in their chosen fields. That, however, is a societal evolution that can only occur once currency is in play, as otherwise it would be difficult to quantify the value of an education that takes a long time but will pay dividends later; without loans and stipends, your only other viable option are apprenticeships, which leads to guilds, which will then have power over their industry that they invariably end up abusing.

    You'll note a general theme here; governance (and therefore taxation) is an inevitability. Even if you somehow end up with the perfect balancing act and make your system one of minimal interference and taxation (which is an admirable and desirable goal, don't get me wrong) there's the unfortunate reality that a more totalitarian government next door can take advantage of your federation's looseness by pitting it against their unethical but effective military machine supported by an equally unethical but effective economic framework. You face the unappetizing prospect of either losing the war and being forced into servitude by your enemy, or becoming more like your enemy to flex an equally strong muscle and standing a chance of victory. There's a reason they say war is hell, and it isn't just because of the individual human tragedies that play out in that macabre theater.

    Regarding your view that Yiffalicious should remain a garage project and not become a product that you expressed in the other thread, I'd say that's a bit unfair on the creators. There's some groundbreaking ideas and tech already in play and they've not even gotten to their first release yet. There's considerable value in that and while it's admirable that the dev team is being very generous with it, they still deserve to make money off their hard work. Of course, they've got a few alternative ways of doing so as well, selling the tech to other interested companies being one of them. There's a lot of games that would benefit from a 3D character creator this powerful and versatile, yet easy on the resource usage. Unfortunately, as they've said on a few occasions, working on Yiffalicious as well as providing tech support to customers making use of their tech would be an impossible equation. They're stuck with just this one product for a long while, so I'd say financial contributors having a little bit of an earlier access to it than the general public is a very modest proposal indeed.

    You'll note that going off the grid isn't really an option for the devs. They're reliant on having internet access, the digital and physical tools to work on the project which I'll bet would be tricky to acquire and maintain out in the boonies and have friends and family who likely wouldn't want to follow along on that sort of venture. Sweden is also a country where there isn't all that much wilderness left that isn't beset by horrible cold and tons of snow in the winter, and that requires a lot of work to overcome both during the building of a home and keeping it heated, work that will both take a long time and cost a lot of money. And, of course, the government has rules and regulations that will take that much more money and time to navigate, and unlike what you may be used to, they don't take kindly to people jazzing to their own tune in these regards, being quite ready to back their demands with force, both financial and physical. And, even if they were to embark on this quest and eventually achieve effective independence, it would mean Yiffalicious would go an indefinite hiatus, which would mean their revenue stream stops dead in its tracks. There may be some fanatically loyal backers, sure, but you'll find very few people can maintain generosity in the face of likely never getting anything out of it.
  • I very much appreciate that you've gone through some effort to make that post, rather than a simple sentence or a "k".

    1) Anyway, what you said lastly about government "not taking kindly to people singing a different tune" and trying to impose on other people, how is that not the very definition of violence? You back away in a corner, the shit continues. You stand up and face it, no matter what (both the internal evil and the external manifestation), and you overcome it. I don't know how to put it more simply. I've faced cops (a more recent example, for them trying to harass a homeless person for an ID), I've been in temporary arrest, I've refused to put radio-readers or other EMF devices in my house, I refuse to pay the extra "tax" that they want to extort people with if they don't put that in their homes and I've gone to bank personnel trying to explain how the banking system is slavery, etcetera. I've been threatened physically with death, I've brushed with death on a number of occasions, but I never gave a shit.

    I find death, and even torturous physical pain, to be a preferable to endure in the journey of growth in consciosness and freedom, compared to stagnating and degrading as a slave or slaver. If we want to change this world on an aggregate level, more people need to have that kind of courage and fearlessness, I'm not trying to brow beat people or put them down, when I say that. On the contrary. I'm trying to tell them what's actually necessary, so that people can overcome it more readily.

    Besides, "death" as the end that most people believe it is, is a complete and utter illusion. We're consciousness. We don't "die". We just sometimes choose to experience memory loss from other lives, therefore giving birth to the impression of "death".

    2) About currency, I can see that you appreciate that it is, indeed, worthless on its own. However, doesn't that just blatantly show that *people* do everything and *not* money/currency? The main, if not the only reason why money seems to be logically viable solution, is because people have been conditioned to accept the system as good, since birth.

    If you study ancient history, you'll find that money did *not* actually come as an evolution from barter and trade. It was a sudden implementation in society, in the form of some tablets in ancient sumerian times or a bit earlier. The abruptness of it implies that is was not something that developed over time. It was something introduced, and now we delve into things like alien interference stuff, which I won't get into now, as it's a long anough topic on its own. Look into the works of Lloyd Pye, Michael Tellinger, David Icke and some others whose name I don't recall off the top of my  head.

    Here's a brief video that condenses some of those studies in a presentation format:

    Anyway, the point is, if people had compassion first, before convenience and conditioning, the money system would no longer be in place. No, this would not mean that there would be no specialists. If society was structured in a voluntary society with conscious people (like, contributionism, for example - see the "a world without money" video posted here, for a brief explanation), there *are* going to be specialists for the very reason that people will always be interested more in some things than others, and they won't have interferences when it comes to doing what they're passionate about.

    In our manipulated society, not only do most people not do what they are passionate about, because they think they need money and work slavish jobs to get it, which distracts them to a point where most are just too tired and apathetic to do anything else.

    Likewise, most "specialists" or "experts" often go through the bought and paid for, gov and corporate owned and occultic-ly manipulated indoctrination centers, only ever becoming specialists in name and not actually seeing the breadth of their areas of study, outside what they're conditioned in schools and universities.

    Young doctors who go and try to study ways to cure diseases, for example, are being constantly pressured into just looking for ways to hide symptoms, not cure diseases. Many young doctors who didn't fall for the bullshit, as well as older ones who've seen through it, are speaking out about how mainstream "science" and "medicine" is completely fraudulent and held back from actual knowledge. Likewise with genuine scientists who sussed the system, some of whom have lost their profitable careers, some of whom are political prisoners and some of whom just don't have  mainstream career anymore. But they are doing the right thing and not giving a shit about their career and livelihood, because they put what is right first. Many practice without a licence and actually help people heal, going to naturopathic treatments, energetical stuff or whatever else.

    Remove the money, and nurture people's passion rather than their greed, and society would be much, much better off. People who choose to, will then be able to become "maestros" of many different fields. Besides, I find the very definition of a "maestro" of anyting to be limited, because it assumes that there isn't more to know about that partiular area. So, with that impression, people stagnate. There is always more to know than anyone believes they already know.

    3) This is the part where I'll tell you what your ego will abhor. You may have a vehement or even reaction to his at first, but ask yourself if you're angry because I'm wrong, innacurate or evil, or because you deep down know it to be so, but don't want to face it because of cowardice.

    If you think slavery and tyranny is "inevitable", then you've already chosen to forget your own self and integrity, and are aiding the very slavery system through your consent. If you think slavery in any shape, no matter how severe or mild, is excusable, then you are just plainly a coward and are directly aiding evil in the world. I don't know how much more bluntly I'd manage to put it. Get as upset or offended as you like about that. It's not gonna be any less accurate because you have a fit about it. Your view on that is just plain nihilistic and blatantly self destructive. All slavery systems, if they remain in place and aren't thwarted, always end up in extinction. Both for esoteric and exoteric reasons. Because parasitism, by its very definition, destroys both the parasites themselves, as well as those who have consented to remain a host for them.

    You're literally saying that "well, if we don't enslave our population severely enough, someone else will. We need to have slavery, or other people might try to enslave us. We enslave our people, so other people won't have to." Just think about that. That's just plain cognitive dissonace. What's the difference, if a country or another country enslaves a population? Just the colors on the flag or the wording of the slogans. It's still slavery! It's stil evil, it's still immoral and it's still, again, fucking slavery!

    An anarchic society doesn't mean there won't be any defence. An anarchic society, assuming the population is also vigilant and aware of the negative, as well as the positives, will have everyone arming themselves and learning how to defend themselves. That's what a militia is. A militia is *not* a military. A militia is literally the whole body of the people, who bear arms and know how to use them in self defence and the defence of others. You have an army of an invader, maybe a couple tens of thousands. Against, say, a million people similarlly armed. Even if the population is less armed, and say someone drops a nuke and kills the entire population. Well, tough luck getting any use out of that land or the resources that those people would've produced.

    Someone invading another people does so, well, becuase of evil firstly, and secondly because they want to steal resources and manipulate the people of that territory to work for them. If those people all die or if they utterly refuse to comply, you've just spent all those resources and gained no "profit".

    Again, no one rules, if no one obeys. If nobody believed in "authority" or in the so-called "legitimacy of slavery", there would be no government/slavery.

    It's a religion. Religions propagate by manipulating people to believe that there is no "alternative".

    ALL progress towards the better, ALL evolution and ALL breakthroughs have been made by people (or any other entities) that did not view something as "inevitable" or "impossible".

    "Impossible" is just another belief. It is a concept born of an ignorant and complacent mind, who never achieves anything worthwhile, and who wants to blame something else for its own inadequacies and limitations.

    Those of us who say "what if?" and actually go through with it, those of us who are seen as "crazy, insane, nutters", those of us who rock the boat or break it apart entirely, we are the ones who bring about positive change in the world.

    Those who say that something is impossible, should never interrupt those who are doing it.

    If we want to see any change anywhere, we need to become the change, ourselves.

    You want a world of kindness? Be kind. You want a world of peace? Be peaceful. You want a world that is free of slavery? Do not accept slavery. It sound simple, but it's infinitely profound. This essential stuff is that most people don't comprehend, because they focus too obsessively on the details, without actually seeing the essence. It's like zooming in and looking only at a puzzle piece, while becoming blind to the rest. The point is to zoom out and see the bigger picture, and then the detailed puzzle pieces start to connect in the mind.

    In that sense, people put too much emphasis on the "strategical" details, without getting to the actual essence of things. It's like making a cart without having a horse to drive it. Or, like making the chassis of a car, without first developing the engine. You're not gettin' anywhere like that!

    Likewise, strategy or "efficiency", without a conscious expression of freedom, morality and compassion, just finds quicker and quicker ways to destroy itself.

    First comes HEART! Intuition, knowledge, compassion, empathy, fearlessness, courage, etcetera. *Then* the MIND can actually express itself consciously, and genuine intelligence will be born.

    Why do you think children have heart, passion, curiosity and empathy more or less fully developed, but not advanced mental faculties? Because you first need the CARE and the LOVE, in order to have genuine intelligence thrive. Our society tries to manipulate people into stifling that, and just develop cowardly, immature and often psychopathic "adults". "Adults", who are extremely easy to manipulate and coerce. Adults who vainly "pride" themselves on their so-called "mental faculties", without ever having known what intelligence actually is. Most "adults" nowadays are less advanced in consciousness than children. A child knows when another living being is suffering and sees it as wrong, without ever having "learned" that. Most adults, including you by the way, try to justify suffering and evil. Which makes you a bad person, if not an evil one.  Oh, look, I did come up with a shorter and direct way of putting it.

    The genuine adult is the child who survived. Adding conscious mind to a conscious heart, and being in harmony with ourselves as spirit, consciousness, etcetera.

    Never obey, never rule. Never surrender, never impose. Never follow, never command.

    Never worship, never be worshipped. Never submit, never dominate. Never serve, never be served. Never a slave, never a master.

    It all boils down to...

    Never give up, never give in. Never fear, and never be feared.

    Always playful, flirty and mysterious, conscious, confident and fearless.

    Nobody and nothing has a higher claim to our lives than we do.

    We are all and always free and freedom, imagination, will and intent... infinity, unlimitedness and veyond... among other things...

    What we choose to manifest is always a choice.

  • Also, here's a vid about the police and military, as well as about people who support government in any form.

  • Again, you're coming at this from an overly idealistic standpoint. Belief in the virtues of freedom is all well and good, but I think you fail to realize that ultimately, freedom is an illusion. You're always at the mercy of something, your own body's limitations if nothing else. The price you pay for (as close as can currently be achieved) complete freedom is complete detachment from any and all social contact, as no social contact can occur without hierarchies forming, and hierarchies invariably result in a division between the ruler and the subject. That means having to be an island unto yourself; complete self-sufficiency, not just in the physical realm of maintaining the food supply and environmental needs your body tyrannically imposes on you, but also the mental realm of complete isolation from contact with the outside world, save for the resources you must acquire to keep yourself alive. There are very few indeed who could handle that for any extended period of time, and they generally are more likely to put their almost superhuman talents to use inside the system rather than wasting the time and energy it would take to break away from it.

    Call it cowardice if you like, but I'll counter by calling your alternative stupidity. Like I previously said, even if you somehow manage to build your anarchoprimitivist utopia and it doesn't collapse in on itself immediately, you'll soon have to contend with outside forces that will seek your end for a variety of reasons, and you'll most likely be ill-equipped to deal with them. On the other hand, if you play your cards right, you'll have plenty of freedom within society, certainly enough to satisfy most people's need for it. Of course, it comes with a great many strings attached (unless by some miracle you end up in the absolute upper echelons of the elites, but then you're arguably just trading your old strings for a newer set that have their own pitfalls, some of which are quite deadly) but most of the time, those strings don't get in the way. In the few cases that they do, there's usually ways around them, provided you've got the balls to bend and break the rules a little and the smarts to dodge the consequences.

    You seem to have this curious notion that people are willing to casually throw themselves into risking life and limb for dubious gains. Most of the time, you need a populace that's completely alienated and lacks any future prospects to get them to rise up for such occasions. Obviously, the number of such individuals is currently on the rise (and the more conspiratorial would say by design, as part of a greater plan by certain segments of the elite to gain more power over their rivals in other segments of the elite by staging a revolution they'll lead and reap the rewards of if it succeeds) but we're not quite at the critical mass you're seemingly hoping for yet, and I have a feeling cooler heads will eventually prevail and the trend stops in its tracks.
  • Also, about moral relativism and how it's a satanic mindset (as is modern christianity, by the way, and most other religions). I personally don't agree with some of the things Mark (or anyone else) says, especially when he goes "natural law this", "natural law that", as the reasons for his upholding of morality, but I recognize morality and natural principles as something good, which are a conscious expression of who we are, as infinite and unlmited potential, freedom, etcetera.

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    I know we're not yet at a critical mass, and that most people are not yet conscious enough to even consider freedom. If you, however, use that as an excuse to not to anything, you'll be contributing to that number either staying where it is, or aiding to slow it down. You fail to realize your own power, man. The power of every single individual anywhere.

    You can call my approach stupid however you want, and frankly, I at the very least appreciate that you're not trying to be polite about it. However, regardless of what we call each other, the information we both present is as it is by virtue of itself, and *not* how we present it or by what personal gripes we may have about each other's viewpoints.

    I'm going to get into more esoteric stuff here, but you do not seem to know what we create our own reality, quite literally. What you think and feel, is literally how you'll live your life.

    If you think you're at the mercy of something, you'll literally create a reality where you let yourself be preyed upon. If you think you're "sort of" in the clear, you'll "sort of" be in the clear.

    When, on a soul level and beyond, we *know*, not believe, but genuinely know; believe is born from lack of knowledge or comprehension, by the way. I don't "believe" in freedom. I *know* we are freedom. You think freedom is an illusion? You're heavily under mind control and with that mindset, you'll just roll over and let anyone you think has more bulk than you wreck your ass, because you'll be expecting "future prospects" while sacrificing your dignity and integrity. I'm not talking literally "ass fucking", as in the intimate sexual act. I meant it figuratively, so don't misconstrue my words as saying "anal sex is bad", like some have when I gave that anecdote.

    Anyway, when we *know* and choose to express freedom consciously, we manifest it. Like I said, I've brushed with death, I've been assaulted, I've been harrassed, I've been in situations of hardship, but I never "broke". My life has been a synchronistic tale of events that flow naturally together, and because I never compromise. I love and respect myself, so I naturally experience whatever I need to grow in consciousness. I've been working jobs and have always either quit or been fired (once I'd already decided to quit anyway), because I wouldn't accept the corporatocracy and human slavery that it is. When I chose, with all my being, that I will not be a part of the system, I almost immediately found ways to live without having a "regular job".

    I also spontaneously healed myself of severe pneumonia and flus, literally instantaneously. My life has been generally awash with what most people would call "paranormal" or "supernatural" phenomena, which are actually pretty natural when you know what they are. So, do we have the power to change our reality? Of course we do. Most people actually use that power without even realizing, but they don't know it and thus let themselves manipulated into creating a reality for themselves that works in theri disfavour. In other words, the only reason why slavery exists is because people have been manipulated into using their own power against themselves.

    When we see that that's the case and consciously step in to our conscious power and beyond power, we see that power itself (both the impressions of "powerlessness" and "powerfulness") are illusions, and freedom is the only "truth" that exists. (even though I don't like using words like "truth" or "false", because most people just associate them with what they believe)

    If you value comfort or security more than you do freedom, then you'll never actually have either. The most you'll have is a comfortable slavery, at "best", and you'll always let someone else control your life. If you think that's a life worth living, you've a slavish mindset, plain and simple.

    If you think material gains or putting food on the table is more relevant than living freely, then you'll just be a slave. And it doesn't even offer you "security" either, because if your so-called "masters" feel like taking that food off the table, you'll just let them, or just beg them to give it back to you. Quite literally like a trained dog who grovels at the feet of their so-called "owner", claiming that "well, you strays don't have these "treats" or any future prospects".

    In a society of freedom, where there is hierarchy or centralised "control" structure, everything is much more likely to thrive naturally.

    Freedom, again, is infinite and unlimited potential. Therefore, it includes the potential for mayhem, alongside the potential for good, evolution and all that. Slavery, on the other hand, includes *only* mayhem, be it overtly or covertly and "prettied up".

    As for a brief overview of the misconceptions about anarchy, here is a brief breakdown of those misconceptions and an explanation of how society would actually thrive and evolve, without government.

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    By the way, do actually take the time to look through at least some of the videos I posted, before you reply. Otherwise, you'd just be repeating a belief, instead of providing an argument on what is being discussed.

    The last video also discusses about defending against invaders or thugs, societal organization and all that. By the way, about statism, you can clearly see the cognitive dissonance and hippochrisy.

    Statism is basically the idea that you give specific people of groups of people permission to steal from, harrass and murder people, so that they might... protect people from theft, harassment and murder?

    Taxation: "Well use stolen money, taken with the threat of violence and coercion, to protect people from theft, violence and coercion." Doesn't that sound even remotely idiotic or hippocritical, to you?

    If we're talking about people coming together voluntarily, to work or fund a project, without anyone imposing or being imposed upon, that would be anarchy. Anarchy means there is no slavery going on.

    Virtually all crowdfunded projects, like Yiffalicious for example, are basically an example of a successful, anarchic and voluntary interaction.
  • Also, I do use money, but I am not addicted to it. I use in the sense of using the chains of society as a weapon, until we eventually rise above and move beyond the paradigm, as a species.

    A voluntary, anarchic society doesn't exclude the idea of money. It excludes the idea of slavery. Obviously, the goal is to eventually move beyond money and become more conscious, but we can use money until then. The point is that money can be easily used as a tool for greed and slavery, especially if you're addicted to it.

    If society is to move away from the slavery and the money, it will likely be a gradual process. I'm not telling people to throw away their money (not yet, anyway). I'm telling people to not become addicted to it or develop a religion.
  • If you're more interested in reading a book, here's one that dismantles the belief in authority and government/slavery, with both compassion and reason.

  • Besides, "death" as the end that most people believe it is, is a complete and utter illusion.

    I think you'll find that to be a hard sell for most people, given that they like being alive and find unverifiable promises questionable at best and you'll forgive me if I point out that various notions of immortality and life after death are very effective tools to manipulate people into throwing their lives away in service to the goals of their "betters".

    It was a sudden implementation in society, in the form of some tablets in ancient sumerian times or a bit earlier.
    Which likely was because they were one of the first empires and therefore quickly needed a less localized system of commerce, which was found to be effective, copied by their neighbours as any truly innovative and revolutionary technology tends to be and has stood the test of time thus far. Also, any time you have to start speculating about extraterrestrial involvement to keep your theory afloat is a good sign you just might be barking up the wrong tree, if I may so boldly opine.
    Young doctors who go and try to study ways to cure diseases, for example, are being constantly pressured into just looking for ways to hide symptoms, not cure diseases.

    That's because it's far more profitable to develop vaccines and relievers instead of a cure, which will eliminate your patients as customers. It's very unethical, obviously, but what are gonna do, bring down the entire medical industry? Good luck doing that without an army to back you up, which you ain't gonna have as long as the government has the biggest stick and doesn't take kindly to people messing with its infrastructure. You'll have a far better success rate making your case to the government (and, by extension, the governed) that such unethical practice will eventually have dire consequences for the people they govern, which will give them incentive to cater to their voters over industry lobbyists.

    Besides, I find the very definition of a "maestro" of anyting to be limited, because it assumes that there isn't more to know about that partiular area.
    The trick here is that each maestro builds upon the work of the previous maestros, which means the requirements for becoming one rise exponentially with each new generation. That means that every prospective student needs to spend exponentially more time just getting to grips with the basics before they can start innovating and perhaps becoming the next maestro, which only a tiny fraction of any generation does through single-minded dedication to their craft, dedication that is a difficult commitment indeed as long as they have other responsibilities taking up their time and thoughts.
    If you think slavery and tyranny is "inevitable", then you've already chosen to forget your own self and integrity, and are aiding the very slavery system through your consent.

    I'm merely stating a fact, not making a moral judgement of it. A society with loose governance is a weak one when pitted against one with tight governance. The earliest example of this is probably humanity wiping out the neanderthals. The neanderthals were stronger and possibly even smarter than us, but isolated into small tribes that kept out of each other's way. We, on the other hand, gathered up into one big bunch and eventually crushed their sporadic resistance, forcibly incorporating the survivors into our fold, a fact very evident in the DNA of certain populations. This is a universal tragedy that repeats throughout history, and likely will keep repeating so long as we exist. You'll forgive me if I'm skeptical of your new age views to the contrary in light of that.

    An anarchic society doesn't mean there won't be any defence.
    Obviously, but it's heavily reliant on the militia maintaining their role as an emergency force and not seizing power for themselves amidst the chaos. Do you really trust your fellow man, especially the ones who have proven themselves ready, willing and able to take life, enough to give them all the tools to impose tyranny on the promise they'll give them up when they are no longer needed? Granted, it did work in Rome for a time, but like all good things, it came to an end eventually and the republic became the empire.
    Again, no one rules, if no one obeys.

    Which is why people have developed quite a sophisticated array of methods of forcing obedience. Maybe you are willing to die for the cause, but are your neighbours? What guarantee do you have that they won't sell you out to the invaders for promises of security? Seems to me a bit of a precarious position you're setting yourself up with. Not all threats come at you open in their intentions, and your principle of non-aggression leaves you open to such parties taking advantage of the element of surprise. Your only recourse is complete paranoia, and that's not very conducive to social cohesion.

    Those of us who say "what if?" and actually go through with it, those of us who are seen as "crazy, insane, nutters", those of us who rock the boat or break it apart entirely, we are the ones who bring about positive change in the world.
    May I remind you, here, that the road to hell is paved with good intentions? I suggest you be weary of any solution that appears simple and obvious, as there's always a catch, often one that will have disastrous consequences for all involved parties if heedlessly ignored.
    A child knows when another living being is suffering and sees it as wrong, without ever having "learned" that.
    I think your experiences with children have either been rather limited or a statistical anomaly. In my experience, you'll find no better example of the dangers of an id run rampant than children; they have little consideration for anything outside themselves unless circumstances force them to start considering such things. Leave them to their own devices, and they'll become quite the devils, as the many negative effects of our modern trend of broken homes will attest.

    I believe I've found the crux of our philosophical differences, here. You apparently put faith in the Rousseau school of the inherent good of humanity while I subscribe to the Hobbesian model of inborn selfishness. Both ideas have merit in the correct context, but I think Hobbes was closer to the truth, given everything I've seen and heard.
    Which makes you a bad person, if not an evil one.

    I deal with navigating the harsh realities of a society in decline. You've got your head in the clouds in search of novel solutions, which is admirable but fraught with pitfalls as you're exploring new territory and have precious little in the way of previous examples to fall back on and examine more closely if something doesn't end up working right. I've often found that the greatest atrocities are committed by those who believe themselves to have the moral high ground. I'd think very carefully before slinging out condemnations of this kind, as they have a nasty habit of turning on the accuser instead.

    You fail to realize your own power, man. The power of every single individual anywhere.
    And methinks you place far too much emphasis on it. Don't forget that an individual is just that, a singular entity, a drop in the ocean of similar entities. Very rarely does a single man make much of a difference and in the cases they do, they're almost always the kind of tyrant you so vehemently abhor. Most of the great upheavals of history have been the result of a group effort, though often said group has been a relatively small one. However, such groups have usually also appealed to the masses and have then used those masses to achieve their aims, whatever they may be.
    However, regardless of what we call each other, the information we both present is as it is by virtue of itself, and *not* how we present it or by what personal gripes we may have about each other's viewpoints.
    True enough, but not all information is created equal. Some are opinions based on little but feeling and guesswork, others are verifiable theories with much to prove them and little to disprove them. It's not really our place to decide which camp our own arguments fall into, however, that judgement is reserved for the audience.
    What you think and feel, is literally how you'll live your life.
    A favourite counterpoint of mine to this line of reasoning is that no amount of positive thinking will stop a bullet from ripping through your cranium. A can-do, happy-go-lucky attitude is a fine thing to have and makes you more productive, obviously, but a lack of acknowledgement of the circumstances reality imposes on you will make you a blind fool, forever stumbling through life until one mistake proves a little too fatal.
    If you think you're at the mercy of something, you'll literally create a reality where you let yourself be preyed upon.
    Unfortunately, we're not going to overcome the issue of hunger just by fanatically believing our bellies to be full. You'll have to wait until technology allows us to transcend the current limits of the human body before you can truly call yourself free, and I have a dreadful gut feeling that such technology will ultimately just introduce new limits we will have to labour under.
    You think freedom is an illusion? You're heavily under mind control and with that mindset, you'll just roll over and let anyone you think has more bulk than you wreck your ass, because you'll be expecting "future prospects" while sacrificing your dignity and integrity.
    Allow me to point out that you should be wary of any ideological framework that has a handy way of dismissing any critique of its core tenets as the work of a great conspiracy against it, as more often that not, such an ideological framework seeks to isolate itself (and by extension, you) from reasoned debate.

    So far, I don't think you're making much of a case for the universality of freedom. How most people view anything is through a cost-benefit analysis, and the costs your idea of freedom imposes are very disproportionate to the perceived benefit. High-minded exultations of the virtue of freedom and its paramount importance are all well and good, but how do they put food on the table? I think you'll find most people are perfectly happy with how things currently stand (as it allows a high degree of freedom and most of the laws restricting it are based on the ideals of what you might call natural law and the non-aggression principle) and would like to keep it that way, their only concern is that forces outside their direct control will make life harder for them if left unchecked, so your frankly radical individualism isn't a terribly appealing idea to them as they can see the potential issues such anarchy has and things aren't quite bad enough yet to justify such extreme measures.
    Like I said, I've brushed with death, I've been assaulted, I've been harrassed, I've been in situations of hardship, but I never "broke".
    And I say you've been exceptionally lucky thus far. Don't count on that luck lasting forever, as any gambling man will tell you. Don't naively believe in a just world, as that is one of the greatest lies ever told, an effective way of keeping people in the belief that everything has a grand, divine purpose, including the suffering imposed on them by their "betters". The suffering may have a purpose of some description, yes, but that purpose is often much more banal and mundane than anyone would like to admit.
    I also spontaneously healed myself of severe pneumonia and flus, literally instantaneously.
    Are you sure about that? Methinks you've just got a better immune system than most and got lucky with your recoveries. Don't immediately jump to the conclusion of supernatural intervention if you survive a case of the sniffles, as that way lies an erroneous belief in personal invulnerability, a "victory disease" if you'll pardon the contrived pun.
    If you think that's a life worth living, you've a slavish mindset, plain and simple.
    So you reject both slave morality and master morality? Very Nietzschian of you, but I think you'll find that, once again, you're treading unexplored ground and have little in the way of compelling argumentation, even less so if you're not going to appeal to the esoteric and supernatural, which you shouldn't if you aim to convince any great number of people. Like it or not, people are not going to put their trust in something they cannot verify.
    If you think material gains or putting food on the table is more relevant than living freely, then you'll just be a slave.
    And if you think living freely is more important than putting food on the table, you'll end up a starved corpse. That's fine if you think you'll be living it large in the afterlife, but like I said, most people prefer living to dubious promises of eternity. And let me point out, here, that one of the most surefire ways to get people to rise up against tyranny is for the tyrant to take the food from the table, which is why any tyrant worth their salt isn't going to do so unless they don't have many options left. Just ask Venezuela.
    claiming that "well, you strays don't have these "treats" or any future prospects".
    Well, you don't, do you? Not until you've put in the hard work to build those future prospects, at which point you'll attract the attention of those who want a piece of your pie and will be more than happy to take it from you by whatever means necessary. I cannot stress enough that you have to prepare for that inevitability or you'll just end right back up at square one again, and nobody benefits except for the parasites and carrion feeders.
    Therefore, it includes the potential for mayhem, alongside the potential for good, evolution and all that.
    And in that mayhem, there exists the potential for tyranny and slavery. We are social creatures, and society by definition requires organization, which imposes order on the chaos. The trick is in making sure the order doesn't stifle the chaos completely, and it's the central question when it comes to designing any societal framework. I think you'll find that as shit as modern society is, it's the least shit system we've come up with thus far, and that minds far greater than yours or mine have tied themselves into maddening knots trying to puzzle out something better, often with disastrous consequences as lesser minds have then attempted to implement their incomplete ideas on society, often with less-than-pure intentions to begin with.
    By the way, do actually take the time to look through at least some of the videos I posted, before you reply.
    You'll have to forgive me, but as much as I'd love to delve as deeply into things as possible, I have other obligations to keep. This has already cost me much more time than I probably should be giving it, but I happen to find these sorts of discussions interesting and entertaining. Sorry you'll have to be satisfied with a somewhat lazy debate, but that's life for you. It's like a box of chocolates; all the good ones are already taken.
    Statism is basically the idea that you give specific people of groups of people permission to steal from, harrass and murder people, so that they might... protect people from theft, harassment and murder?
    It's self-contradictory, of course, but so are a great many other things in life. The logic here is that your own people will be far less inclined to oppress you (and if they do, far less severely) than a foreign invader, and like I said before, if you don't have a military force of your own, you will be ruled by someone who does. And if you do have a military force of your own, what's stopping them from seizing power? A sense of civic duty only gets you through so many generations before they start questioning the wisdom behind it when they could have so much more than just the role of military guardian. Like it or not, right of the sword is the only right that truly matters in the end, and if you don't plan around that unfortunate reality, you're in for a world of hurt.
    Virtually all crowdfunded projects, like Yiffalicious for example, are basically an example of a successful, anarchic and voluntary interaction.
    True enough, but like we're seeing now, all good things must come to an end. Crowdfunding is being co-opted by the banks and payment processors now that they're finally waking up to the threat it represents to their idea of how things should be run. All the bullshit we've been trying to escape is being brought back in, by hook or by crook if all else fails. This is exactly what I've been talking about in action; once the big fish notices you, woe betide if you've failed to acquire a secret weapon that will ensure you come out on top. Maybe crowdfunding has that in the goodwill they've built with people worldwide, but everything can be tainted and turned against itself. There's an equal amount of bad blood that has been generated by con artists using crowdfunding to scam people, and all that's needed is a few prolific cases that tug at the right heartstrings being endlessly propagandized by the media to forever paint the idea in a bad light in the public consciousness. Should that happen, it will fizzle out and nothing will have changed.
    Also, I do use money, but I am not addicted to it.
    Very few people are, I think you'll find. Money's a tool you use to acquire the things you actually want, it just so happens that it also serves as a handy measure of your social clout; the more you've got, the bigger a player you are. People aren't addicted to money so much as they are addicted to the feeling of power, which is evident when you look at all the people who spend what little they have to appear wealthier than they actually are, so I think you'll find that if money is eliminated form the equation, it will be swiftly replaced by some other symptom of the underlying selfishness of humanity.
    It excludes the idea of slavery.
    I'm starting to think you don't quite understand the definition or how it applies in certain cases. Slavery is forced, uncompensated or inadequately compensated labour, correct? There are, and always have been, those who serve voluntarily because they find the compensation of their employer sufficient for what's being asked of them, and should the situation change, they'll seek a new employer. I think you'll find the latter is the more common mode of operation in the world today. What I think you might be mistaking for slavery is debt, which does have some parallels, but ultimately, taking on debt is a free choice. The idea is to use the money you've loaned to buy the things you need to make that money back, and then pay it back with a little bit of interest to make it worth the loaner's while to give you the cash. There's a reason loaners won't give a loan to just anyone; what's the point if they're likely never going to be able to pay it back, or if they're likely to not pay it back even if they could? Loan sharks are an exception to that, of course, but that's because they're the sort of people who'll violate the NAP, to put it lightly, should their customers prove uncooperative or tardy.

    Taxation's another matter, though. While in principle it effectively is legalized theft, the government has certain obligations to fulfill with their ill-gotten gains, obligations that are defined by the governed to greater and lesser extents, depending on your given type of government. Even a tyrannical autocracy has to carefully consider how much the people can take before they've had enough and dispose of the autocrat in hopes of something better. In your hypothetical dream world of an anarchy, someone still has to supply the weaponry and training to keep everyone armed and ready for war against possible invaders and maintain the infrastructure to keep everything running, and since almost everyone makes of use of these services, paying (either with money or some kind of social obligation, like being in the militia or transporting goods) for access to them is very close to a tax. Maybe the system would have alternative solutions for those that obstinately refuse, but I have a feeling very few would make use of them given the convenience of a ready system versus the difficulty of setting up a parallel system by your lonesome.

    On a more personal note, you'll have to forgive me if my replies from this point forward will be either sporadic or nonexistent, as I've got other things to pursue once the weekend is over. I, too, have dreams of breaking away from the system to some extent, since I'm not liking the looks of how things are developing. I have a desire for a certain degree of luxury for my personal apocalypse bunker, however, so in order to see those particular dreams fulfilled, I require a fair bit of money. I can't make any sitting on my laurels, discussing philosophy, politics and logistics on an internet forum for a porn game, much to my chagrin, I assure you. One can rarely make a living doing the things one enjoys, after all.
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    1) Indeed, the idea of life after death is used as a way of manipulating people into becoming complicit to a slavery system. That says nothing about the idea, though. If someone tells you to love your family, a good idea in and of itself, but then miscontrtues or misinterprets it, so as to make you sentimentally addicted dependent on your family and be at their whim, instead of going about life your own way, that's not a problem with the idea itself. It's with the deliberate distortion of the message.

    As with life after death, I can tell you this from personal, incarnate and discarnate memories and experiences I have from this and other lives. If you've had no such experiences and memories, you'll need to experience them to see what it's about. Or, you could research near-death experiences, astral travel and other such things. I'm not asking anyone to believe me. Make up your own mind about stuff.

    2) That's what the manipulated system of "education" (indoctrination, practically, nowadays) and "academia" (funded mostly by gov and corporations, as well as the dark occultists behind them) wants people to believe. Do more research on ancient history, ancient writings and how historians and archaeologists cover up information, censor or fire archaeologists who discover new stuff that's contrary to "official" history, etcetera.

    Here's something that condenses a fraction of that research and also points to different researchers and their work:

    3) So, you realize it's unethical and poisoning the people? And you still defend it? "Gee. They're poisoning us! Should we stop it?" My answer is, OF COURSE WE SHOULD! I mean, lol. THe very idea that they're trying to impose mandatory vaccination is a clear and definite sign of tyranny, even for all but the most completely blind or/and retarded.

    Your "solution" that you appeal to the government is like going to a slaver on a plantation and begging them to ease on the lashing. Doesn't work like that. Besides, the point is not to ease the lashes, but to abolish the slavery itself. Also, do you think they don't know what they're doing is wrong and that they're trying to weaken the population? They do it deliberately! And it's only by the consent of the ignorant or/and complacent masses that they manage to get away with it. It's a house of cards.

    We own our bodies and our lives. We can do whatever we want with it, so long as we're not using it to initiate violence upon another.

    Also, you don't need an army to bring down the medical industry. Just don't buy their products and speak out about it. Have a freedom and health oriented mindset, use good and healthy nutrition (preferably plant based), exercise, and you'll rarely if ever get sick. I and many others are living proof of that. For general illness, use naturopathy and other non-chemical alternatives. The only thing that the medical industry is actually good for, is in case of emergencies.

    4) No, you're not stating a "fact". You're stating a belief, born of indoctrination. Government/slavery only comes about if you have a group who does evil things, and then it's "believed" by a majority to have the "right" to do so. If nobody believes in such a thing, there literally won't be any government. There has just never been any anarchic society model for several thousand years, so people who don't see beyond the current mass/mob mentality don't even fathom an alternative.

    Government is not a natural thing. It's an artificial system that, if you study history, you'll see always destroys itself eventually, because parasites -again- destroy themselves and help destroy those who let themselves become their host. This applies both biologically, and energetically and ideologically.

    There have been many cycles of destruction on this planet (again, study ancient cultures and geological data, and not just from "official" sources that cover it up, but from independent researchers with no "sponsored" agenda), and always all societies that were governmental have been destroyed by their own hubris, or by natural cataclysms as a response to them literally poisoning the world, both energetically and physically. Like an organism responding to a disease.

    Also, what "new age" belief. That's just another religion, a pseudo-spiritual (or fake "spiritual") one that looks to make people complacent, through ignorance of what's actually going on.

    5) You don't seem to know that a militia is. A militia is not a standing army. A militia is not a "special task force" outside the population. A militia, in terms of the original meaning of the term, is the WHOLE body of the people, armed and ready to take action, be it locally in case of localized thuggery or violence, or more wide-spread in case of invasion from someone else. Then, after the invasion has been thwarted, since the militia is comprised of the population itself, then reverts from a standing army back to a militia.

    Besides, if an invader does supposedly "win" the war, and those of an anarchic mindset refuse it's "laws", then there it will have "won" the war for nothing, 'cause nobody's doing what they demand.

    The only obstacle in the way of creating a genuinely anarchic society, is that people are still blocked in lower level of consciousness that still excuses slavery. In other words, people just need empathy and self-respect, as well as reason. Reason alone, without empathy, is -again- very stunted and just finds quicker ways of self destruction, because it lack the conscience of the heart.

    6) I'm not talking about an "everything is pink" attitude. That's just blatantly ignoring the negative, thus making one all the more susceptible to it. I meant, facing and acknowledging all the negatives, and the "meh", and the positive things, as well as beyond that.

    What I also meant, and this is esoteric and related to energy fields and such (which, if you haven't experienced or studied consciously, this won't make sense to you), when you have a mentality that is self-destructive or self-loathing, that's what you're going to energetically and even electro-magnetically pull towards you.

    When we have a mentality of self-love and self-respect, being willing to face and surpass all obstacles, no matter the abundance or adversity you face, we will synchronistically and lucidly experience everything that's necessary for us to evolve in consciousness.

    Anyway, yes, you can through your mindset dodge a bullet and technically do anything else Statistically speaking, not many people do that kind of thing, but say someone points a gun to your face. If you are conscious enough and that's what you've chosen to be your experience, there can be a bang or light or car that comes by and distracts the attacker right when he's about to pull the trigger, thus it being a window of opportunity. This is just a simple, simple example. Also, if you approach this topic purely from a materialistic standpoint, it will not make sense to you. This has much more to do with esoteric stuff (hidden from the senses), than with exoteric stuff.

    I have spontaneously healed of pneumonia and other ailments (some mnor, some medium - I've yet to have a life-threatening disease), on willpower and choice, and funnily enough, by doing the exact opposite of that was "recommended" to heal. Plus, I came back from the dead literally, teleported on a few occasions, levitated and phased my hand through a wall, although I currently don't do it on a whim. I'm not asking you to believe me, but it is what I experienced. So, I know stuff like this can be done. Many other stories, but those are a few.

    Specifically about the pneumonia (or intense flu), I was literally at the peak of the disease, shaking erratically because of chills, caughing felt like I was puking needles, I was convulsing in pain, muscles felt very atrophied or non-existent, my head was throbbing and feeling like it was about to explode (literally, not hyperbolically), I was wearing three pijama sets on, plus covering myself up with three hefty blankets... so yeah, it wasn't just "the sniffles". Then, suddenly, I chose to heal myself and, in some spiritual and discorporate experience, I just took an ice-cold shower, then went to the balcony and opened the windows (still naked and wet, and it was a snowstorm outside) and shouted out "I AM FREEDOM! WE ARE ALWAYS FREE AND FREEDOM!"

    Then, literally like "poof", I was no longer sick. Not the day after, not after some treatment. Literally in that instant, there was no more sickness. No pain, no migraine, no shivers, no muscle fever, not even a trace. You can give any biological explanation for why that might be, and although that might happen, it's just the biological level, which is a result and expression of the energetical.

    7) You don't seem to get what freedom is, mate. Living freely does not exclude "putting food on the table". It means our food is not reliant on anyone but us. In a system of slavery, you only have "food" so long as yous perceived "masters" let you have it. In other words, if you do anything outside of the commands of your slaver, you don't get any food.

    In a context of freedom, you provide your own food or cooperate voluntarily with people for mutual benefit. Besides, experiencing even a moment of genuine freedom, is infinitely preferable to living as a slave. From what you claim, I can clearly that you, deep down, just loathe yourself. You don't know what it's like to live. You are just obsessed with physical "security", which in a system of slavery, it doesn't even exist, since you let yourself be at the whims of someone else. Your whole mindset is based on fear, which makes you a coward. Get as offended as you like about that, it will not make that statement inaccurate.

    In a context of freedom, there is indeed the potential for bullshit as well. However, in a slavery system, there is only bullshit.

    Freedom includes both bullshit, and "meh" and good and elevatory things. What we choose to manifest is always a choice.

    8) We "strays" do have those future prospects. And yes, work is one of those ways. And, yes, we need to prepare to retaliate against those who would seek to take it from us by force. In a situation of slavery, your "prospects" are limited to the wims of the slaver.

    In a situation of freedom, we make our own prospects and defend ourselves from those who want to steal it from us.

    9) Yes, like I said, freedom includes the potential for both,well.. freedom *and* slavery. THat's that freedom is. Infinite and unlimited potential. Thing is, opting for slavery just locks you down in that modality, for as long as you have that mindset.

    Choosing anarchy over slavery, we facilitate the good and evolution oriented choice. I mean, in a sense, it's like choosing between drinking a some fresh fruit juice versus pouring cyanide down your throat. Freedom means you can choose either option. One is healthy, one is poisonous. If you choose the poisonous one (slavery) you'll needlessly handicap yourself. If you choose the fruit juice (anarchy) you'll become healthy.

    10) "Oh, gee, I don't want to look at the information you've posted." So, you're trying to have a conversation about a particular topic, without being interested in what the topic is actually about, nor knowing the arguments for a different point of view? That is called ignorance and is what makes it see like you're just spouting your belief, instead of looking at the information and argumenting on what it being said or implied.

    If you want to argument or counter-argument something pertinently, say, a different perspective or viewpoint, you kinda need to know the details of what that viewpoint is about. Not just regurgitate what you already believe or what you've let yourself indoctrinated to believe.

    I mean, it probably took you longer to write that whole reply, than it would've to look at a few of the shorter videos I posted.

    11) You even admit the idea of statism is blatantly contradictory. Look, it's not like temperature mate, where both hot and cold are technically still elements of temperature. Well, other than both slavery and anarchy are technically both different expressions of genuine freedom. Slavery is freedom expressed in a retarded fashion, and anarchy is freedom expressed consciously, intuitively and intelligently.

    While on a consciousness level, yes, both as different expressions of potential, in manifestation, one is fucked up and the other is good.

    I mean, you were just talking about "trusting the militia to not impose upon the populace", making it seem like you were agains the idea of imposition, and now sing the praises of someone else who does a far worse thing.

    Besides, slavery is still slavery, wheher is mild or severe, it's till evil. The point is to abolish it, if you want to be free. Government/slavery holds back all progress. It stunts the progress of technology, it covers up knowledge from the masses (including about esoteric stuff, like magick and whatever else; yes, magick is a thing by the way, and no, it doesn't need to be "flashy" to be magick. it is also not advanced tech misinterpreted, it's a more natural way of manifesting phenomena, without the need for artificial constructions).... anyway, slavery is an impediment to all progress, because if a society becomes advanced enough to thwart the slavers and manifest individual self-sufficiency, that alone just towards the slavery system.

    You think "government is great"? It routinely poisons the population, manipulates and deceives, keeps knowledge and tech hidden from public view and those who are "behind the scenes" use that differential of information to manipulate the ignorant masses. That's their only "advantage". People's ignorance and complacency. if people didn't consent to it and were actually interested in freedom and knowledge, no tyranny would ever exist.

    12) "Might is right, right?" Is your mentality. You have no idea what empathy is, you have no self-respect and no self-love. If you think that is reality, that's the only reality you'll ever experience for as long as you'll have that mentality. I don't know how much more plainly I can put it. Might is an illusion. There is no powerlessness, nor powefulness, beyond the veil of the ego-mind.

    Seriously, you are under heavy, heavy mind control. The whole point of the mind-control is to get people to believe that they have no power, so that they'll just let themselves up on a platter. You're not the kind of person to ever contribute to change, for as long as you have that mentality. May your chains rest lightly on you body, for until you'll free yourself of those mental shackles, you'll know nothing more than that retarded, severely limited experience.

    13) No, not everything is susceptible to "taint". Only the things that choose to be so. Everything that chooses to be independent, will manifest as such. Good, consciousness, freedom and such are beyond the concept of "taint". If something is tainted, is a person's viewpoint or interpretation of those aspects. If you think everything good "must come to an end", you will literally end your own good things in life, because that's what you bring upon yourself.

    Here are a few things that are eternal and beyond eternal: potential, spirit, soul, free will, freedom, imagination, intent, heart and mind (as esoteric concepts, not literal organic heart or brain), morality, kindness, etcetera. Everything that is non-physical is eternal. Even in the physical realms, death is an illusion. Things cease their bodily functioning (i.e. "die", physically), but their structure decomposes and gets reabsorbed into the earth, their incarnate energy into the ether, and morphs into something else. Esoterically, we (as soul) move on to whatever else we want, continuing our journey, etcetera.

    14) Yes, money itself is a tool. However, it's a tool specifically designed to foster those psychpathic, narcissistic and evil tendencies in humanity, instead of the good ones. It is also a tool that is completely obsolete, in a situation of abundance or/and good conscience exercised by people. We have now practically all the means to not be in a situation of scarcity, even with just what's available to the public. The problem is that people still believe in the debt and death, scarcity paradigm that keeps them enslaved.

    Look up "contributionism", "Cheran anarchic town in Mexico" (a town in mexico that is anarchic and has thrown out all government from their area. Don't just look at the first google results, though, as most will be propaganda telling you how "it's one of the most dangerous places in the world", because they want to dissuade people from looking at an anarchic way of life), and other things.

    15) In virtually all countries across the world, over 90-95% of tax money goes to fund wars, domestic violence (police), with only a sliver of it going into what's actually useful for society. Besides, even if it was 100% used for the benefit of society, it would still be gotten through immoral means, so it shouldn't be tolerated. Imagine I came to your house and said "help, my is dying of cancer", but instead of asking for a donation, I would put a gun to your head and rob you. Do you think that would be a good thing? Of course it wouldn't be.

    Government is doing exactly that, but far worse, because their "dying kid" doesn't even exist.

    16) Slavery is claiming to own another living being. Plain and simple. Slavery was never abolished in our world. It only became more prettied up. In the past, slavers used to provide food, shelter and clothing for their slaves. Eventually, they realized that was expensive. If they gave each slave far less money than it took to provide those things, and then told the slaves they only  have to be on the plantation just 8+ hours per day, instead of staying there the whole day (during which they probably worked about just as much anyway, on average), then it's just slavery painted to look like something it's not.

    If you tax people, that's slavery. Why? If someone took 100% of the product of your labour, that would be slavery, because the person is then claiming that they own what you produce, which is a result of what *you* have done with *your* with your expressed faculties. In other words, to claim that you "own" the product of another person's labour is, by extention, a claim that you "own" that person. In part of in whole. What then, would that % need to be for it to *not* be slavery? 75%? 50% (current situation in most countries, once all taxes are calculated compared to the person's income)? 25%? None of that. The answer is ZERO!! A chunky, big fat ZERO!! is the only situation that would not constitute slavery.

    Your "logic" (specifically put in quotes, because it's a failure of logic) is that "oh, well, nobody is doing it. better to just stay in my little cage and keep drinking from this drip feeder that's slowly poisoning me".

    People do everything. If enough people come together (and more of us are, but that's not the reason for doing it. Doing the right thing is to be done because it's right, no matter how few or how many are or aren't doing it, and no matter the scarcity or abundance, or the hardship we might endure! That's what it means to be a conscious and strong will person. To have strength of character, and beyond.)...

    Anyway, if enough people come together in conscience and do the right thing, and also come up with ways to organize efficiently, we'll change the world. Other times, a single person who was seen by the world as "a nutter", left behind an idea that eventually changed the world.

    Part of the whole point is to get off our asses and no excuse evil. To have the strength to face ourselves and overcome all obstacles and hurdles, never giving, nor giving in.

    I'm not going to force you to have a conversation, but if your mentality is as it appears to be, I do doubt that you'd have anything to add that doesn't basically amount to fear-based motivations. In which case, if you are as you seem, my discernment about you is that, with your current mentality, you are a spineless coward who just uses many words and "mental gymnastics" to avoid facing that that's what you are as a character, at this time.

    Never a slave, never a master. Never fear and never be feared.

    Nobody and nothing has a higher claim to our lives than we do.

    We are all and always free and freedom, imagination, will and intent... infinity, unlimitedness and veyond... among other things...

    What we choose to manifest, is always a choice.

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    If you're not willing to actually know something, then don't come claiming that "you know better".

    Part of the idea is to express our intuition, intelligence, empathy and reasoning and all this stuff, so as to remove the blinders of bias and discern things without any veil, while also acknowledging that there is always infinitely more to know that we already think or believe we know.

    The journey never ends. It's eternal and, more than that, we are beyond the realms of "time", which is a construct of born of amnesia and forgetfulness of who we are. Relevant as an experience, 'cause  otherwise we wouldn't be here to experience it, but we're beyond it.

    Question everything. The more we question, the more we know... and the more we know, the more we question... thus, we know and comprehend, through spirit, intuition, intelligence, among other things...
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    One example of a more or less successful anarchic community, a town of about 30.000 people, who kicked out government, police and military.

    Obviously, there's alot of room for improvement (there always is), and they do have some issues, but it's a good start.

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    This also speaks about advanced technology and alludes to magick, both ancient and current, which already exists and some of which is even public knowledge, but not spoken about in the mainstream, for obvious reasons.

  • Okay, I was happy to sit and laugh at this echo chamber this person created for themselves but @umnut you are giving me an actual hernia.

    You need to step the hell back, take a deep breath and look at everything related to you, and only you, on a large scale right now. What do you see? If I know people like you you would say something like "I see a person who is fighting a system designed to put me down and I'm seeing it for what it really is. Everyone else has been brain-washed."

    Now think to yourself for a second about what a so-called "brain-washed" person is thinking. Have you ever actually thought about that? Or are you someone who disregards anyone who disagrees with you as someone who has been, in your own words, "mind-controlled"?

    Am I ringing any bells here, fam? I know that's what you're thinking, you're just like the rest. Yet even if I'm right you won't admit it. You want to know why? Let me give you a big glaring hint.

    Are you ready?

    Here it comes...


    That sounds crazy to you though, doesn't it? How could a person who is fighting for freedom be brain-washed? Well, it's all quite simple really. If you haven't dismissed this post already, let me explain why.

    It all comes down to self-awareness. First of all, let me get something out of the way. When a person is considered a weirdo or a nutter, usually they aren't. They are just normal people who have differing opinions or information than the vast majority of people around them. Does that make them correct? Absolutely not. In fact, odds are they are more likely to be completely wrong about their passionate subject.

    Your mentality is the same as an individual with paranoid schizophrenia, for example. Now I'm not saying you are mentally ill, far from it. But schizophrenic people see things that others don't see and it feels entirely real to them, sometimes leading them to the point where they believe they are special (not in a good way) and that everyone else simply isn't able to see these apparitions. In reality, it's all in their head.

    I know what you're seeing isn't an apparition and you don't need meds to stop seeing shadow people and hearing voices. What you're seeing is perfectly natural for a human being but it is the furthest thing from healthy.

    What you are seeing is your own fear and it has fucked with you beyond repair.

    Whenever I see any group like yours (anarchists, flat-earthers, anti-vaxxers, etc.) it all comes to one major factor and another sub-factor which is fear and superiority respectively.

    Let's discuss flat-eathers for example. I have spent a long long time researching the flat earth theory and the people behind it, not to mock them but to understand them. What I discovered is that the more I found out about their logic, I found myself less inclined to believe their theory. Why? Because the flat earth conspiracy isn't about knowing the "truth". It's about a bunch of people being scared shitless about the idea of being conceptually insignificant that they make up their own theory on why it isn't so, then believe it to be real and show off that they know more than the "sheeple".

    How do they believe something they made up? Brain-washing. It's a simple routine of people "educating" others by faux research like youtube videos by Eric Dubay or some dickhead in a trailer park pouring water on a tennis ball as their proof.

    That's not research, that's reinforcing your own shitty beliefs and feeding your own superiority complex. It makes sense to them but It's drivel made up by people too afraid of the real world made to indoctrinate others into an accidental cult that drowns out everything that scares them as "LALALA I KNOW MORE THAN YOU LALALA YOU'VE BEEN MIND-CONTROLLED LALALA"

    I know that's what you think everyone else does but you're flat out wrong. There are billions of people on this planet, all with differing beliefs and knowledge, countless numbers are ridiculously intelligent. Yet you're different? We're all the same to you, just brain-washed by our governments?

    Listen, what you're fighting for and arguing about isn't as far fetched as the flat earth theory, I know that. In fact, I agree that we are basically living in a dystopia. But is it as bad as you or one of your youtubers says? No. We'll be fine. You can take a chill pill, smoke some weed, jerk off, do whatever the fuck you want and you'll be fine.

    There's nothing wrong with what you fight for, it's how you're doing it. Stop listening to people spewing that arnachistic bullshit. It's simply fear-mongering and you need to understand that. People who feed you this fear aren't your friends, they want to control you. Why? To curb their own fears of the world and make themselves feel superior to people with more control in their lives.

    You do not deserve this fear. You do not deserve to spend your only life in a cold dark place made by your own imagination. I know you probably won't believe me and will most likely give me a long-winded response as to why you think I'm wrong so I will only be making this one response, but I am NOT here to call you crazy, I'm here to show you why people think you're wrong.

    If you truely want to make a difference in this dystopia we call Earth,...


    And don't give me that bullshit that this is doing something about it. Do something that doesn't make you look insane. Stop looking into echo chambers for research. Stop telling people they are brain-washed. Stop posting in irrelevant places with your propaganda.

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    You come and make a claim, then you say you don't want to respond when the person brings a counter argument? Why are you even starting a conversation, if you're not willing to look at what the other person is saying?

    Let's take it in steps:

    1) You accuse me of "paranoia". Now, what is paranoia? Paranoia is quite simply an obsession with fear. In other words, you make your decisions based on fear. Which is cowardice.

    "Everything is a conspiracy!!! WTF, AAAAH!" If fear is the reason behind that claim, and does not know what they are talking about, yes, that is paranoia. Likewise...

    "Nah, man, there is no conspiracy!!! Everything is going SWIMMINGLY, aaaaah!" If, once again, fear is the reason behind the statement, in this case, fear that there might actually be such a thing as conspiracies and a fear of facing that possibility, then that is, again, paranoia.

    If someone looks at different research, conducts their own, looks at who's involved in that research and why, what their track record is, who has what to gain from a majority of people believing them, and you connect dots... and you come to the discernment that there either is or isn't a conspiracy, in whatever context, that's called reasoning. Which brings me to...

    2) You accuse me of "echo-chambering". If you were to actually read what was being said, I actively encourage people to not believe me just on the basis that *I* am saying it, and to look at research without bias and come to their own discernments.

    How exactly is one "echo-chambering", if they constantly question themselves and everything? You, however, are spewing what you've "learned" to believe through a single system with many branches, therefore having the impression that there is "diversity" in your approach, but virtually all mainstream options are owned by what used to be 6, but now are more like 4-3 major corporations. *That* is the actual chamber.

    If you want to know more about what's actually going on, look at what's being censored or unpopular, and what you're ridiculed for even bringing up. It's not always gonna be 100% accurate, but it will be more accurate than what you hear on the news, schools and universities.

    So, you're accusing me of the very same thing that you're doing, and quite likely without even having looked at any of the vids I posted, not even the 10-20 minute ones.

    4) You accuse me of fear? How am I in a state of fear, if I am willing to experience all pain and hardship, if that helps me in my journey towards evolving in consciousness? How am I in a state of fear, if I am constantly facing and improving myself? How am I fearful, if I am not afraid of death, nor of pain?

    Genuine bravery is not letting fear influence our actions. Courage is overcoming fear. Fearlessness is having overcome fear.

    Ask yourself if what you're actually spouting so aggressively, applies to you or if you, perhaps subconsciously, are actually aiming at yourself.

    5) Fear mongering implies wanting to put people in a state of fear, usually for reasons of manipulation. If you try to put people in a state of comfort and tell them that "what's outside of this little box/room is bad for you", making them fear the unknown or the unpopular, and then getting them to fear being ridiculed or fear what other people might think of them, that's fear mongering.

    You can also use fear mongering, if you say "It's all gone to shit, the world is fucked up!" with the express reason for getting people to be in a state of fear.

    If the situation is indeed fucked up, and you tell them that it is, but with the intention of actually coming together to overcome the obstacle, then that is most definitely *not* fear mongering. It's coming face to face with what is, ackwnoledging that information and choosing consciously to rise above it. It's exactly trying to get people to rise above their fear, and develop courage and fearlessness.

    6) I know why people think I'm wrong. I'm not saying I'm right about everything, nor that I have all the answers. Like I said, there is always more to know than one thinks or believes they already know. What I'm saying is that most people refuse this information out of fear, complacency or/and ignorance. They are not ignorant because they disagree with me. They are ignorant because they refuse to look into the matter for themselves, and they are then hippocritical if they claim they know better, *without* actually questioning what they already believe.

    You recognize that "la-la-la"-ing and calling people labels when they disagree with you, is just a reactive defence mechanism for a belief system. In that aspect, you are not wrong. However, if you then come and say "I'm not calling you crazy", but still refusing information that would contradict with your belief system, you're still ignoring information.

    When I call someone by any "label", I first want to see if that label actualy applies. Like, if someone spouts "racist, homophobe" or whatever, just because someone disagrees with them, yeah, that's empty labeling to excuse one's own cognitive dissonance. If you call someone a racist, because you see that they actually judge a person by the color of their skin, rather than the content of their character, then that label applies.

    Likewise with the term "brainwashed". It is blind belief, usually based on attempted mind-control through repetition, reward-punishment system based on how well emulate your "training" (the "education" system, basically, i.e. indoctrination), in the news and media, etcetera.

    I call people who I think of as such "brainwashed" not to alienate them, but rather to get them to question their own belief system by putting it to their face.

    I always look to all angles and all aspects of what I am looking at, things that I both agree or disagree with, no matter how far apart they might be in whatever regard. I tell people that, if they want to rise above all cognitive dissonance and all belief systems, they need to question everything, *including* everything they think or believe they know, at any point.

    7) Propaganda is sentimental manipulation, most often. How am I spouting propaganda? Say, you have a murderer in town. That murderer wants to make people believe it is okay for them to occasionaly murder, rape and torture someone. They then spout that murdering, kidnapping and coercing innocent people is good for "security". That is propaganda.

    Someone comes along, trying to expose that the murderer is a murderer, and that letting them walk around doing that shit isn't gonna bring anyone any benefit... how is *that* propaganda? When we're giving people occulted (hidden) or obfuscated information about what's going on, so that they'll be more equipped to rise above the situation, recognize the murderer and together take action against them, in whatever way, that is the very polar opposite of propaganda.

    8) Does me or anyone else looking "sane" or "insane" to an onlooker have any relevance, in terms of the accuracy, quality, relevance or any other trait of the information being presented? If your house is on fire, and I tell you "Your house is on fire, motherfucker! Let's get some water and...  why the fuck are you not getting up, ya piece of shit!", or alternatively, "Greetings, friend. It looks like your residence is in the middle of being carbonised. I advise you arise from your recliner and assist me with putting it out."

    The house will be on fire either way, and I will be accurate in my claim that it is so, regardless of how I present my information. If people look at me and say that I'm insane for expressing myself in a way that they don't like or aren't comfortable with, that won't ever make the statement inaccurate.

    If I told you fired up that the house is on fire, and someone would "calmly" tell you that it is not, would you believe the latter, just because they have a soothing voice? That is a technique of mind control, talking to people in a fancy outfit, putting on a calm voice and seeming eloquent in verbal expression, because it gives gullible people (who don't look at the information itself) the impression that the person knows what they're talking about.

    Judge information not by how it's presented, but on its own merit. That would require actually investigating and being interested in knowing the matters being discussed.

    9) There is no irrelevant place. I mean, I see that posting on a porn site isn't the most efficient way of getting information across, from a purely practical point of view. However, are you saying that people on this forum are of a "lesser" quality and not able to discern information like this? I doubt you are, 'cause if you were, you either wouldn't be here or you're underestimating yourself.

    Everything is synchronistic. There are no accidents or coincidences. At the right time, someone will see this here and it may help them grow. Some of my experiences in life have been after I realized or integrated something, after just reading some apparently "random" post on some forums that not only did I not frequent, but had never visited before and weren't even about something I'm generally interested in.

    Besides, this information is  to also be brought to people who would be unlikely to look it up on their own, because it's to their benefit and to the benefit of humanity.

    Also, do you think that me posting here is the only thing I'm doing, with regards to communicating the information? It is one of several other things, more to which I shall be adding as I further develop my skills. Writing books, soon to be drawing comics, once I get my skill to and beyond a point I'd consider good to start, to name two of the activities. Aside from constant research, study and compiling (for over a decade at it, so far), alongside more esoteric stuff and always improving myself, etcetera. This is not something to brag about. Knowledge for knowledge's sake should be part of everyone's interest.

    Also also, before you point a finger at someone and accuse them of something, it is a good thing to look at yourself and see if you're not to blame for the same thing. If you don't want to be a hippocrite that is.

    10) I don't know who Eric Dubay is, but let's say you have the following example.

    Let's say you're studying under-ocean tectonic plate movements. You look at the general model taught in universities, you see what the "official" explanation is, and you test it. You then see, for example, that there are various phenomena that are not explained or are explained too poorly and arbitrarily, or even touted as "not gonna happen", yet you see that they still do happen.

    You come up with various tests and miniature models of how to reproduce those phenomena on a smaller scale, and one of those tests involve rubbing some rocks together in particular ways and in particular situations, conditions, etcetera. Someone from the outside that doens't know what you're doing and why, might just dismiss it as: "Ugh, what are you trying to prove? You're just rubbing rocks together.", thereby showing they don't know the implications of what's going on.

    11) Also, seeing as how this world (or, more specifically, this society) is more or less completely upside down and practically a mental-illness asylum in and of itself (the only *actual* mental diseases are ignorance and stupidity - which the system fosters and fundamentally depends on relies upon - , everything else is a different state of awareness, of varying complexities), then I sometimes sigh in sadness at their ignorance and self mutilation, but at the same time in personal relief.

    Because being called mad by an idiot, ignorant person or a parasite, is a compliment, in the sense that is shows that I am not falling into the trappings of the mental cages this society attempts to impose upon its "citizens".

    "It is not a measure of health, to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society."

    Also, look at a representation of our society and what "happiness" has come to mean. If you think that kind of world is natural or "good", then I don't know what to say to you, to make you see the sickness of it, or that we can easily get out of it with but a conscious choice to be ourselves and express ourselves consciously and fearlessly.

    12) Also, anarchy simply means "no slaves, no masters". Etimologically, it comes from "a-", prefix meaning "without" or "in absence of", and "archon" meaning "slaver, master, ruler". Literally, anarchy is just a synonim for freedom.

    There are many people who "claim" to be anarchists, by the way, without knowing what it actually means. Some are actors looking to paint an inaccurate image of what anarchy is. Others just view themselves as "anarchists", but without actually knowing what is means.

    Anarchy, again, means: "No slaves, No masters."

    Anarchy is a more conscious expression of freedom.

  • Oh, and by the way, being genuinely self-aware implies that one is aware of who one is, in-character and out-of-character, as consciousness, soul, spirit, etcetera.

    Molding yourself to other's preference is an actual *lack* of self-awareness.

    Part of being genuinely self-aware, is to also be self-loving and self-respecting, to be ourselves no matter what anyone else says. Not in the sense of ignoring what other people say, but in the sense that we make up our own minds and think, feel and live our lives because *we* want to live our lives how we choose, *never* because of what people say or think about us.

    Anyone has the natural and unalienable right to live however they want, preferably without any imposing nor accepting any imposition.

    In other words, part of my approach to living is this: "We can all do whatever we want, so long as we don't impose it on someone else, and do not accept any imposition."

    In other words: "Life and let live." Do no harm, but take no shit.

    We are all and always free and freedom... imagination, will and intent... infinity, unlimitedness and veyond... among other things...

    What we choose to manifest is always a choice.
  • Holy shit if you are a troll then you are the most elaborate troll ever. Hats off to you.

    If not, then I pity you. Genuinely.

    I initially wasn't going to bother coming back but your response was more concerning than I thought. You need help, but I'm thinking you might be beyond help. This is bad.

    Every single thing I said you have misunderstood and somehow managed to twist it back onto either pushing your beliefs on me or, once again, claiming I'm being controlled or calling me a hypocrite.

    My point is that me and many others who are shaking our heads at you are all a lot more self-aware than you think and claiming we aren't doesn't change that. If this is truly what you believe then you are living in a fantasy world. You claim that people are scared of new info and therefore think you are wrong. The whole point of my post was, are YOU scared of new info? I didn't think I could make you self-aware but I just wanted to try because you show no signs whatsoever.

    I could go on a suuuuper long response to you but I'm tired of trying to help people like you. My hope that I can get people out of such a simplified world view is pointless so I'm going to keep it brief.

    1) That isn't what paranoia is. Unfortunately you have it but you don't see it.

    2) You are indeed echo-chambering. I question myself all the time and look at as much research as possible when something new is presented. This is horseshit designed to reinforce a specific belief. Why you want to believe in such a simplified version of the real world is not something I can figure out. Only you can do that. Until then, you're stuck in a bleak fantasy world.

    3) There is no number 3, you skipped a number, leading me to believe you either weren't calm writing your response or you're bad at checking your work.

    4) My point is that your viewpoint is BASED in fear not that you're directly experiencing it. What you are experiencing is a superiority complex. Also here you try to shift it back to the respondent once again. I've already studied myself and I know who I'm talking to, do you?

    5) Your examples of fear mongering all apply to yourself and your viewpoint. Look over them again and think carefully (but I know you won't).

    6) None of us are refusing your information, we simply disagree. Once again, are YOU refusing information? Also people don't respond that way to the term "brain-washing" it's a very hostile term and it makes you look like you have a superiority complex (hint hint).

    7) What you are saying is propaganda by definition and your example is extremely biased and displays your extreme sense of superiority and how you think of yourself.

    8) Your example of the calm-voiced charismatic leader in the fire scenario is applied to people who convinced you of your simplified world view. Take your animated short films for example. They're cute and pretty but display a specific message that, in my opinion, is extremely toxic and grossly over-simplified.

    9) Holy shit there's a lot to unpack here.
    a) The point is that people are less inclined to take you seriously on a (and I can't stress this enough) furry porn forum. Also don't you dare think I'm belittling these people. Accusing me of such language is not as civil as you think it is.
    b) I've seen literal textbook examples of superiority complex's more tame than this paragraph. This is nearly crossing the line to god complex.
    c) If you're actually doing something to benefit humanity, then that's great. However if all you're doing is spreading more of what has been spewed to you then I would have something against that. Not that I'm saying that's what you're doing, it's just a common pitfall.

    10) Your example made no sense to the conversation and you clearly have no idea what I'm talking about if what you're doing is defending the tennis ball argument. DO NOT DEFEND THE TENNIS BALL ARGUMENT.

    11) Oh god another big one.
    a) Did you seriously just say that the only mental illness is ignorance and stupidity? What an unbelievably closed minded thing to say displaying genuine ignorance. Mental illness is real and that mouse cartoon isn't accurate in its display of meds either. You clearly make no effort to understand others and research psychology, only your sad simplified world view.
    b) Being called mad is not a compliment, no matter who it comes from (stop calling people names to dehumanize those who disagree) and it should always be taken to heart. The people calling you mad are not stupid, they simply DISAGREE. If that many people disagree with you then maybe you aren't seeing the real reason why.
    c) I agree our world has too much commercialization, I'm not arguing that. However you do not decide what others define as happiness. It's a subjective concept. I achieve happiness in what I accomplish in my life. Others disagree but that's mine. If you think corporations define happiness then you are looking at the world through a pinhole. Stop looking at short films for evidence.
    d) Your condescending tone doesn't help me to your side. Yet another reason why people might not like hearing what you have to say.

    12) That is not what anarchy means.

    There, holy shit. If I'm ever caught arguing on the internet again I want someone to shoot me.

    If you want people to start agreeing with you, either stop this way of going about it or maybe just consider that what you're saying might be utter nonsense. Stop seeing others as inferior people that must be freed and start finding better ways to communicate.

    I'm done, I'm going to bed. If you reply then I hope somebody does a response for me because I am way too fucking sick of this shit.
  • I don't care about people agreeing or disagreeing with me. I ask that they look at information for themselves and think for themselves.

    Also, how do you know that's not what anarchy means? "Mayhem" and whatever else it's being presented at in the media is precisely done to try and manipulate people into not looking into it. Anarchy literally means "no slaves, no masters", as I've just demonstrated etimologically. Look beyond what you're seeing in the mainstream media.

    About happiness, if someone derives it from putting heroine in their veins or sniffing cocaine, is that a good for them? Just because they're happy? It's still self-destructive. Likewise with mental addictions or psychological addictions.

    Speaking of which, I was not talking about "official" diseases. I have studied psychology and psychiatry, and they're both (especially the latter) a way of sedating people and getting them to "conform". By the way, non-conformity is actually classified as a "mental illness". So is trying to look for the cause of a problem, so as to better solve it. If that does not raise a massive red flag about the industry in someone... I mean, what will? Also, mutilating your body or/and pumping it with hormones for a "gender change" is perfectly "sane", and you can be arrested for calling a dude a dude, if they "identify" otherwise. Trannies saying in university speeches about how "women aren't the only ones getting pregnant", poisoning babies with heavy metals like aluminium and mercury shortly after they're born (vaccine "booster" shots), all that is perfectly "sane" and even encouraged in this world. Does that not raise a question mark? They are going to, and already are, trying to call anything that doesn't help the system a "disease". There are many fake diseases that are made specifically to sell more "medicine" that create chemical dependencies and poison the body long-term, by design.

    An actual illness is something that impedes the optimal functioning of something. When it comes to mental faculties, there is naturally no other actual ilness other than something that, well, impedes mental functioning. That is stupidity and ignorance. I mean, in some cases, they're trying to make it illegal and have even taken children from their parents, because the mom was breastfeeding and they charged her with "sexual harassment" and "pedophilia". And that is just a mild story, in comparison to other ones.

    When you see the breadth of the cruelty of our world and see it for what it is, you'll see that no matter how bad most people think it is, it's actually worse. At the same time, if we *don't* give in to that depression and instead stand up. and face ourselves and the world for what they are, and stand strong and defiant, then we change both ourselves and, sooner or later, the world.

    Do you know what closed-mindedness is, mate? It literally means refusing information. Agreeing with everything is also closed mindedness, because it fails to make a judgement on whatever statement or information is being shown.

    Open mindedness means, again, questioning everything. You say you are questioning everything, yet how come you make claims that you have not even studied in depth yourself. You say that you've studied. What have you studied? Have you just read an article or two? Maybe you read many books and watched many documentaries? Okay, have you looked at who funded those studies and documentaries? Have you wondered who has something to be gained from people believing that? Just because something is labeled as a "study" or as "research" doesn't mean it is even so, and doens't automatically make it valid. That applies to both "official", "non-official" everything else. QUestion the information on it's own merit. Not on the "status" or "image" of who says it, or the way it's being presented.

    No, they are not idiots because they disagree with me. I would never judge a person's level of expressed intelligence, nor the content of their character, just based on whether or not I disagree *or* agree with them. I'm calling some people idiots because they claim to know something, without actually knowing it, and then accusing someone else of idiocy because *they* disagree, and then trying to shift the blame for that on those they disagree with.

    You're saying I'm trying to dehumanize people by calling them names? No, I'm actually being honest and not sugar coating my words, and I respect people enough to not want to bullshit them. As much as I consider you to be wrong about what you're saying with regards to the topic at hand, I very much would be disgusted if you were to start talking "nicely" or "politely", because that would be dishonesty on your part.

    Anyway, as an example. Let's say I present a thesis of whatever kind. That thesis is well argumented, is open to criticism, but happens to be unpopular. Those who refuse to look at it because it might crumble their belief system, then claim that the researcher is "mad". The researcher calls them idiots or ignorant, not because they're butthurt about being in disagreance, but to point out that the people judge the validity of the information purely or mostly on belief. That is neither thinking, nor feeling. That is sentimental attachment to a belief, which is programmed, reflexive and reactive behaviour. In other words, pre-judice (assessment or action made prior to judgement).

    Also, yes, you are refusing the information, because your disagreement comes not from a place of knowing better, but from a place of refusing to acknowledge something because it is uncomfortable to your ego. Brownmane's even said that he doesn't want to look at the info I posted, because he's got "other problems". I don't know if that's your approach as well, but it seems to be, because you seem to have no idea how this society is run, how it operates and how fucked up it is in that sense. Fine, don't look at it if you don't want to, but don't claim that you know what you're talking about, if you're not willing to actually delve into the information. All angles, regarding that information.

    It it literally like: there's a murderer on the loose. I see the murder, who commited it, you investigate, see their operation scheme and hideout, and then I tell people "Hey, there's a murderer on the loose. This is what's going on."

    Then, people who haven't investigated the situation, but the murderer happens to be someone they're working for and who pays their checks, so they say "nah, man. Pfft, that's just a simplistic way of looking at things.", all as excuses to not face the idea that their working for a murderer and fuelling his activity by their ignorance and the work they provide for them, at the company.

    That's almost literally how this society and most people in it operate. They don't want to face it, because they're afraid it might be accurate, and if it is accurate, they wouldn't know what to do about it. Or how to face the idea that, through their ignorance and unwitting complicity, they're feeding the murderers' endeavors. Point is, we can easily turn this situation around, if we assume the responsibility that we're the ones who are ultimately responsible for keeping the slavery afloat *and* for bringing it down and freeing ourselves.

    Anyway, I invite you to speak on discord some time, preferably voice chat, instead of having to write walls of text every time. Plus, when you talk to someone directly on a personal level, not just writing in a forum, the interaction can tend to go differently. I mean, I'm myself regardless of whether I write here, speak on chat or in person. I'm curious if you would conduct yourself differently during a vocal conversation than in writing.

  • Before we continue though, in order to see where your heart is at on a deep level, I want to ask you some simple questions, seemingly trivial, but profound questions, in essence:

    1) Is it ever right for you to initiate violence, coercion or/and manipulation on anyone, whoever that might be?
    2) Is it ever right for anyone, whoever that might be, to initiate violence, coercion or manipulation on you?
    3) If the reason is "no" to both questions, then how do you delegate that right, which you don't have, to someone else?
  • About the hoax and propaganda of "climate change", and how it's used to manipulate the rest of the world into further developing the already existing slavery systems around the world (government and the belief in "authority", which is basically the belief in tyranny/slavery) into adopting china-like totalitarianism, as well as eventually how that plays into the AI "smart grid" and how that's designed for mass surveillance and attempted electro-magnetic manipulation.
  • odesodes Administrator
    I can appreciate you doing what you think is right, but I really don't feel comfortable with someone using this forum to spread their political, religious or conspiratorial beliefs. I think people visit this forum to discuss topics related to Yiffalicious and the furry fandom, or at the very least perhaps topics that are a bit easier to digest. People don't come here to be reminded how effed up our society is.

    Since a forum is made for users wanting to discuss things, and since this topic more resembles a one-way advertisement of your beliefs, I ask you to stop posting these topics here in the forum. Please.
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