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Directed to Dogson and Odes

First of I didn't really know to put this under General discussion or off topic, but whatever on to the question.

What would you like to add to the game but can't for some reason
a. program limitations,
b. add something you would enjoy but not everyone else (not fetishes, but functions that mite take up a majority of the time and attention)


  • odesodes Administrator
    edited December 2015
    I don't even know where to begin when it comes to limitations. Obviously there are many. Game dev is so much about cheating - achieving effects using approximations that are far from accurate but good enough (for now). It's the only way to make it run at acceptable framerates.

    A lot of focus seems to be on visuals in game dev. While we're approaching reality in terms of graphics, other areas are left behind. Rigid body dynamics is still pretty much the norm when it comes to physics in real time apps. And that's old. It's been around for decades. One might think we should have reached farther than Half Life 2 by now, but not really. There are some impressive tech demos and tools out there, but they're still very immature and hardly integrated into any engine (Nvidia FLEX for example). And even with such technology, it's still not possible to interact with animated dynamic meshes, but rather you use proxies and approximations. As usual.

    I wish there was tech to accurately simulate skin and mass. Right now everything is just surfaces. There's no definition or consideration to a character's change of density from bone to skin. I wish it was possible to let a character with a big ass to have its ass compressed when sitting down. Not because it was pre animated, but because the physics in the simulation calculated such a result given the definition of the character. Right now there aren't tools to do this in real time. Sure, there's soft body dynamics, but these systems are separate (you cannot have part of a character be soft body), and gross approximations (basically just calculating surfaces). As usual.

    As for fetishes - there's nothing specific really. Nothing we couldn't or haven't already done.
  • edited 4:12AM
    As much as i've seen with program limitations, they happened to open up doors to improve upon and vise versa; so maybe complex isn't always better, yet going simple won't give you what you're looking for.
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