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I YL1 moddable?

I think this has been answered already but recently I've been learning Unity as a beginner and I'm wondering if there's more than just skins we can add to YL1. I ask because I'm just being impatient for YL2 and hoping I can breathe some new life into the old app for me. Specifically regarding things like the sound effects, I would like to change them to something else. Is it doable or is it wishful thinking?

Also thanks @odes for getting rid of that conspiracy person.


  • odesodes Administrator
    When it comes to exchanging assets such as sound, it seems like it should be doable, but I have no experience of such things unfortunately.

    As for being impatient regarding YL2 - as far as the character editor is concerned, not that much more patience is needed... Just saying. :)

    And thanks! I didn't mind him too much at first. I figured when he realized no one was going to reply to his threads, he'd give up. But when he continued to bump them time after time, he was beginning to test my patience.
  • Cool, I'll look into it, although I doubt I can accomplish much with my own experience.

    As good as YL1 is I always felt like the sound effects were lacking. They were too loud and sounded too specific, like you recognize each sound after playing around for five minutes. I think what something like Yiffalicious needs is toned down/shortened sound effects so that when the characters are going fast it won't sound weird. Also you can never go wrong with having more sound effects to use. That way the user won't be recognizing the sounds so often, but I understand limitation.

    I would love to also try and make some sounds myself. Never tried it before and want to see if I can do it.
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