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questions from a newb

Hey there,

Installed yiffalicious today at like 3am and even made a little animation. I have to say this program is great!

I was wondering tho; is it possible to change the thickness and/or length of penises? That would seem like a nice addition if it isnt in already i.m.o.

Furthermore; will new characters in the form of ferals be added? Or does that have too much legal problems?

Anyways, absolutely great program, only found out about it today lol!


  • odesodes Administrator
    Hi there!


    Yiffalicious (1) is pretty much discontinued at this point. Instead, we're putting all our efforts into its successor - YL2.

    YL2 features a character editor where you will be able to configure penises in great detail, including thickness and length. This is something we covered in our last update (only available to patrons atm, but will be shared in the forum withing 2 weeks).

    An early pre-alpha release of YL2 is not far away for our patrons.

    You can read more about YL2 in the Patreon updates section of the forum, or by checking out our Patreon page which has more recent news.

    We currently have no concrete plans to add feral characters, but if we ever get to the point that we will, then dragons is probably as far as we're willing to take it.

    Thanks again!
  • Oooh I didnt know a YL2 was comming xd, ayy thats cool.

    So if i understand correctly; news about YL2 can be read (without the pics) on the Patreon Page, and YL2 will be accesible as a Pre-Alpha soon for Patreon supporters of at least rank 2.

    Thats allright, but will YL2 also get a free version like YL1, or will it stay behind the subscribtion?
  • odesodes Administrator
    We post progress reports in our forum around 2 weeks after they've been posted on Patreon. These updates include everything the Patreon updates include - text, images and videos.

    Initially, YL2 will only be accessible by patrons, but once we feel the app is in a good enough state, it will become available to everyone. Note that the free version will have limitations. A patreon subscription will be required to achieve the full experience. This is something we're still working out, but patron tiers will be remade at some point.
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