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Imagine a fusion between YL and AA2

Alright so It probably wouldn't be possible but let's say it is. What if there was a game that combined the depth of sex scenes of Yiffalicious with the overall customisation and social aspects of Artificial Academy 2. The game could be set in an office instead of a school, where you can choose your boss and employees. You would have all of the models from YL but with the personality options from AA2 (+ everything the unlimited mods adds). I bet it would be way too difficult to make but if it existed it would hands down be the best NSFW game ever made.


  • i wouldn't say impossible....more "ambitious" i guess? this would be the point where experience, know-how, a well working (big) team and some serious time investment(honorable mention to "money") have to come together to make it work
  • Speaking of money, even if I'm the pirate type, I would 100% buy a game like that.
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