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Mucking About

Been lurking here a while, as have a lot of you.

In that time I've learned a few tricks and tips and after trying out a bunch of the awesome skins you guys have been making i thought I'd have a crack at making a few pieces for myself. I'm very glad i did, because now not only do I have some new skins i really like, i have a bunch of new creative projects.

Before folks go getting all excited, no i'm not taking requests, however if i see some suggestions that pique my interest, who knows?

One thing that has been requested a lot around here and DID pique my interest was the cry for "skin colour" skins. Playing around with flesh tones is my current project, but during my experimentation I accidentally this one in particular. Works great as a basic flesh tone, but also reminded me of Starfire from Teen Titans (trademark, copyright, don't eat me oh mighty Disney), which then inspired me to make eyes that filled the part.

I'm still working on a lot of tweaks where I'm not happy with bits and pieces but here, have a preview.including one with lingerie overlay by som2040 ( which i altered slightly to be crotchless cos porn lol.

As a basic lighter fleshtone, light makeup w/ white hair

W/ "Starfire" eyes and lingerie

Charlotte's best naked "Starfire" impression (uniform to come)

Once I've got it up to par i'll link you guys that shizzle. I may hopefully get around to the other Titans too at some point, we'll see. Til then, stay furry you sick yiff bastards.


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