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Public Builds?

Are there going to be any more public builds before new years? Possibly a Christmas present for those who have been waiting for a new build of the game. Looking at the roadmap, there's been a lot done since 0.3.4.


  • odesodes Administrator
    edited 4:14AM
    Unlikely. Dogson and I are taking a break during these holidays. I don't know about dogson but I haven't had a break for more than a year, since I was working the previous year's holidays (both winter and summer).

    In a week or two, we'll wrap up the last remaining things and release a public version.
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    @odes how long in a week or two will it take for the public release
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    I guess the public version will be released late next week.
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    @Horsie i guess so becasue im waiting so long i been playing bayonetta 2 all the time
  • Public version will be released when it's done. Please arm yourself with patience.
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    @MisterBangYourSister It's already done; RC means release candidate, so the public version is usually the same, unless there's a RC2.
    Anyway, I already know they will release the public version when they feel like it, but as Odes said "one week or two", I guess that will be late next week.
  • Not even on the roadmap yet...patience tho
  • 03/01/2016_03H40am_GMT+0: roadmap updated
    It's coming :3
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    Yeah, I noticed yesterday, but didn't want to say because it's in the "to do" list, not in the "doing" list.
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