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Unable to Save Inflation Sliders

I've lost the ability as of 1.0 to apply inflation weight to one or all snapshots.  This results in whatever the current inflation weight is to remain the same across snapshots until affected by inflation amount.  This occurs for all characters so far, and I've yet to find a resolution.  I've reinstalled the game, started a new interaction, but no fix.


  • Pretty sure that's how inflation always worked. It would be nice to be able to adjust its value across different snapshots, though. Maybe in YL2. 
  • In previous versions, the inflation weight could be saved to one snapshot, or all.  The inflation amount (the second slider for each body part) could not be saved, as that wouldn't accomplish anything.  This can be confirmed from several old scenes wherein "deflation" occurs.  a snapshot is set with a body part, let's say butt, set at 100% and saved.  The next snapshot has it at 85 because whoever made it is a monster.  The next, 75.  So on and so forth.  I have several scenes like this, however the option is missing on those weight sliders as well.  If I modify them at all, I lose that ability or the modification I believe.  I'm going to test this and see what happens, then report back.
  • Alright, update time.  So, changing the inflation weight on a scene where it was previously able to be saved to snapshot , then saving the scene, does nothing.  Also I was incorrect about the inflation amount being unable to be saved to snapshot.  I remembered it can and have proof of both of these in a scene.
  • Heblos, I had no idea that existed.  Here's what happened when I tested this using a known good scene with saved inflation weight and amount:

    1.  The inflation amount (the second slider) breaks completely.  ALL scenes now contain that inflation amount, so that amount is applied to any "cum" snapshot, instead of only the ones they were saved to.
    2.  Any snapshot where I manually increased the inflation weight breaks.  For example, there are several snapshots that involve "deflation" of the breasts.  Those no longer happen.  At the same time in the same snapshots, the hips/butt inflation weight increases (so no cum snapshot is needed to make the inflation happen, it makes it simpler and there's not cum spraying around during the event):  this breaks too, so no hips/butt inflation.  Since this also does not fix the missing "apply to snapshot" and "apply to all snapshots" for the corresponding inflation sliders, the whole scene is now broken and must be reloaded.  Thank goodness I didn't save or I'd have lost a whole section of a series.  This doesn't look like a problem with snapshots.  It looks like a problem with the release, or with the way my computer is interpreting something, as this occurs on brand new scenes too.

    I couldn't find any help within the game on what cleaning up the snapshots is supposed to accomplish, could you perhaps point me to a changelog or a release note or wiki that provides this instruction?  I'm going to start out with the wiki.
  • The game seems to currently only support inflating parts via snapshots, not deflating parts. It's a shame, but I'm pretty sure you have to manually deflate anything that is inflated. Illinir's boobs were effected by snapshots at one point, but has since been fixed to behave like every other part. Pressing F8 fixes any older snapshots that might have been effected by this bug. I'm pretty sure it's always been like this though. The second inflation sliders are the cum inflation amount sliders, that can only inflate a certain amount at a snapshot. I don't think you could ever inflate & deflate parts via the snapshots at will, aside from cum inflation at a snapshot.
  • MotorcycleCop,

    I hear what you're saying, and what I'm going to do is upload a scene called "inflation test" that shows per snapshot "deflation".  I suppose "negative inflation" would be the proper term.  Every single scene I've made since the beginning of Yiffalicious has been able to save these sliders.  Every one.  I have several scenes in several series, most of them with the male's testicles deflating by 10 or 15% each cum snapshot, but I'll be damned if I upload any of them before they're perfect in my eyes.  This inflation test scene will show Ilinir's belly deflating after the cum scenes.  All that's occurring is I've set the inflation weight slider where I want it, hit the dropdown, and selected apply to snaphot.  Apply to all snapshots is...was only available to the inflation amount.  The very first snapshot also has an inflation weight of 0, so her belly resets every time.  This saves the viewer from having to go set it manually.  Any scene I built with inflation has that.  I'll go get it uploaded after I get anxiety on whether it's presentable or not, then decide not to change anything because it's just for research and education.
  • Wow how'd you do that, really? Was it some sort of bug you exploited in an earlier version, or this one maybe? Think everyone's been wanting to accomplish what you managed to do in that one.
  • Wow, so you did seem to get deflation working somehow, nice! Sadly I'm still not quite sure how you did it? You say you click the drop down & get "apply to snapshot" but that doesn't show up anywhere for me, and updating the snapshot overall after changing inflation doesn't work. Are you using an older version that has this feature & I just missed it? Either way, nice job & hopefully you can elaborate more?
  • @Vertigo, it was like that when I got here.  I don't quite remember what version I started with because they're all alphas, but it was EARLY.  I've had the option ever since up until recently.

    @MotorcycleCop yes, this is my pain.  You have it on the money.  You may click the dropdown next to inflation_weight and apply to snapshot, and you may click the dropdown next to inflation_amount and apply to snapshot, or all snapshots.  It just disappeared after this last update.  I would have been using an older version yes.  All I seem to remember is you had to be a tiered patreon member to unlock alternate skins, but I doubt that really pinpoints what release.  If there were a list of releases it might spark something.  If the previous releases could be made available that might also solve what seems to be a lot of grief.  I am truly sorry neither of you have had the pleasure of experiencing this.  I use this method in every single scene almost, so it's a pretty big hit for me.  I hope to continue perfecting them without destroying what I already have.
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