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Building Maps (Whats your thoughts? : L )

edited December 2019 in Custom skins
I started this project this morning, been working my ass off to get the angles right.

i did this all in the greenscreen room to prevent my pc from doing shit XD ill try my best to make it public so u guys can see how its made.


  • How did you change character size
    Can you teach me?
  • @q710822
    Its called perspective, the farther something is the smaller they are. the closer they are the bigger they are. all i did was make a scene up close and make it look like shes giant. couldnt do alot since my pc became slow with all the mirrors i was placing. :P im might make scenes in maps for you guys.
  • That looks so cool! Imagine all the possibilities! Keep up the good work!
  • @Static_snowflake if u want a custom scene setup done i can see what i can do just give me the level name, and what kind of scene u want.
  • MegaGarchompXY Did you build this in a separate program or in Yiffalicious. Also, if you did do it in a separate program, which one did you use?
  • @Terra4mer I did this in Yiffalicious on the green screen with black background and fog on, I used mirrors up close.  Need an example? The mirrors are not paper thin meaning they can look like blocks, sure from afar they look paper thin. (Keep in mind tons of mirrors = Intense lag. I used a towel for the snow.
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