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YL2-voice char,moan sex scenes and new char.

edited December 2019 in Suggestions
As you know, the first public version of YL2 is getting bigger and bigger. My question is, will the characters have a voice? I mean erotic voices.

For example, if we wanted to make a scene and we had the opportunity to match the voice to the situation, the point is that if we wanted to make a scene a cow on a fox as we know a cow has a big ... so if we put half in a fox we could match the voice of a fox or if we put the whole fox would moan more. Or it could be automatic.

Second thing about sounds of sex noises? insertion and removal or somehow it will be more varied and extended? or will it be the same as in YL?.

And the last thing will be any new characters in the future? and what about characters like centaurs or (lami?) I don't know if this is the correct name but I mean a woman who has a snake bottom and a human top (Sneakwomen) or will you be able to count on such characters in the future? if not, will you provide any modding tool that would make it easier for moders to add such characters on their own initiative? just like with skins it was.

I know this is a furry game so you can always do for centaurs and lami their human parts more furry like adding lami some scales on human parts or more hairiness in human parts of a centaur guy or in the case of a centaur woman more placement.

And what about blowjob will YL2 be the normal mouth option? will you have to combine like in YL, I know that there is not yet the first public version and does not expect that everything will be added immediately but if at least I mentioned it is in your plans and if not then do you consider what I mentioned in this post.

Greetings and a happy new year, I wish you a lot of health and family warmth, and most importantly, that YL2 formed according to your expectations.


  • Well if there is gonna be a erotic voices for the male and female characters, I rather have one of the voice acting who did for Jasonafex.
  • Someone find a text to speech neural network trained on erotic voices  :))
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