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YL2 kind of a disappointment.



  • odesodes Administrator
    abandoning projects for money

    Yiffalicious wasn't abandoned for money. Are you kidding me? We've been losing money ever since we decided to pursue the highly risky and challenging but exciting project YL2. If money was what we cared about, then it would have been 100 times easier and safer to just continue what we were doing at the time. As a matter of fact, in many ways it makes a lot more sense to follow the approach we had first. Because if we're the sole masters of releasing content, it means each time we actually do release something, that moment becomes very special and creates a huge incentive for people to pledge. That is indeed what most other people do - drip feeding content (not necessarily because they intentionally drip feed it, but because it takes time to produce content) so content will be scarce. And by rule of supply and demand, that increases the value. If anything, YL2 will drastically decrease value of content since there will be such supply of it. YL2 makes no sense financially, but that doesn't mean it isn't worth pursuing. Because no matter what content we or any other studio can produce, no matter how fast or how high quality it is, it's never going to be enough. You can spend 3 months producing super high quality content and animations, but in the end, those are consumed in just a few moments. In essence, YL2 is an attempt to solve this problem.
    if yiffalicious is supposed to be free why the hell is there a pay wall on patreon sure its patreon

    Yiffalicious has always had a paywall for new builds and content. This hardly needs any justification, does it? I'm sure it comes as no surprise that we also need to have somewhere to live, work, eat and sleep.

    Again, if you don't want to pay for it, that's completely fine. All the means is that you're not the target audience. Just move along with your life.

    Pledging is like a commission

    That makes absolutely no sense. A pledge is more like an investment if anything.

    they arent giving whats promised

    What exactly is it we've promised that we haven't given?
  • @MegaGarchompXY
    your very good at over seeing the lines,
    get out dem books cause you got a D- and your record is going down the handicap ramp into a locker. X3 

    I get that English isn't your native tongue, it isn't mine either, but an insult is going to be far more effective if your target can fully comprehend it.

    Also  honey select isnt a project...
    How so? Just because it was made by a much larger team with a lot more money (through both the sale of their backlog of older titles as well as corporate investors) at their disposal and was released in a more traditional format as a complete game doesn't make it incomparable, just on a different scale. The issues start if you try to apply the exact same expectations on two guys from Sweden who are supplementing their shoestring budget with crowdfunding and offering us a sneak peek into the how the sausage is made as incentive.

    Let me give you another example, then. There's this ancient-ass title from 2007 by the name of 3D SexVilla 2. You might know it by a few other titles such as TheKlub17, which are fan-made modifications that greatly expand on the original's customization options which, while impressive (especially in the era it was released in), were painfully vanilla, as well as keeping the visuals as up-to-date as they can within the limitations of an engine that's nearly a decade-and-a-half old. Curiously enough, the company that originally made the game, ThriXXX, seems to still be around and making new stuff, but information on them is a bit scarce and most of it is embarrassingly obvious corporate self-aggrandizement. This seems to be what you're wishing for YL1; a collection of legally dubious forks that have to work around the many issues of an old engine and having a bunch of contributors whose work may not necessarily mesh together nicely. I'm not saying it couldn't work, mind you (it worked in the above case, after all), just that it might be more reasonable to let the original devs provide the fanbase with better tools in the form of YL2 rather than wasting time reinventing the wheel with dry sticks and duct-tape. That's something you should be doing when you lack better options, not as a matter of course.

    bruh run yl1 on CE and enable model configuration, : P they literally can add more to yl1

    Yeah, but do any imported models work right out of the box? I very much doubt that, especially in regards to the penetration mechanics. As you yourself said, it ain't easy. I'll bet it involves a lot of reverse-engineering of exactly how the systems work and what rigging the models need to function properly, and I can guarantee if any documentation is generated regarding how it's done at all, it will have large gaps in it that will make it difficult to get into it unless you have prior 3D modelling and coding experience, something yours truly, for example, is lacking.

    The whole point of YL2, besides the character creator, is creating a new code-base that's easier to add to than YL1's, precisely so that you don't have to learn the arcane quirks of a spaghetti-coded engine to add to it, because half the time, the original devs themselves broke it by trying to add to it. How do you think you'll fare, eh?

  • @odes What would I have liked to see?

    A more advanced system of sexual interactions (like Y1 but better) with the addition of: Oral, titjob, footjob, etc etc .....

    As well as a better positioning / adjustment of the characters:
    Independent fingers / toes
    Members that can be animated during a sexual interaction (ex: the hand that slides along the body, character who looks in various directions)
    Addition of deflation (belly, breasts, .....) with possibility of limited to a certain size

    this is what i wanted to see

  • odesodes Administrator
    @Eiffel66 and others

    There seems to be some frustration/confusion regarding YL2 not having interaction systems yet.

    Just to be perfectly clear - interaction systems will be implemented, and they will be improved upon from Yiffalicious.

    It's not like the character creator is all that YL2 is ever going to be. This is just the start.

    In order to know how interactions are supposed to work, we had to figure out how custom characters were supposed to work first. Not only that, but also figuring out a structure for the program itself that is easily maintainable, performant and extensible, while at the same time figuring out how advanced systems like soft body dynamics is supposed to fit into all this. These have been huge and arduous things to figure out.

    We've tried to be as clear as we can that this release was all about the character editor. So naturally, if you expected to see interaction systems when they aren't even implemented, I can understand your frustration. But I'm not sure what more we could have done to communicate the contents of this release.

    Our vision with YL2 is to not only offer a never ending stream of interactions in an improved interaction editor that's just going to become better and better and receive more and more features, but also offer a steady stream of new characters that also keep getting better and better as users learn and evolve. It'll essentially become a but in interactive 3D.
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