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Completed Skins

edited January 2020 in Custom skins
NOTE:Making Screenshots showing them. I will list what I've done. 
If you have any of my skins please tell me, so I know u guys like em.

Donkey Kong
- Donkey Kong Transvestite
- Silverback Gorilla
- Satan

- Werewolf (Just changed his coloring, I know a stupid idea.)
- Transvestite
Pink fur (No clothing, Different colored Transvestite, Other) (Reason I put other is cause I don't even know if i'd call it clothing xD looks more like a one piece swimsuit.)


- Gallade

- Bowser
- Transvestite >

- Gardevoir (Have to transfer it back onto my pc, I deleted it cause I was clearing my space... ;-;)

- Ditto
- Darker Skin Khana 

- Sonic the Hedgehog
- Amy Rose
- Lioness
- Rouge the Bat >

- Demon

- Shining Armor
- Transvestite (Clothing isn't that good .3.)

I have free time 24/7 of each day :L if you have any suggestions send me a PM.


  • Will do Pokemon Requests, I will gladly make any Pokemon Skins from Sun & Moon to Red-Blue-Yellow. Any of the new Pokemon I will say No, Pokemon is dead to me.

  • MegaGarchompXY, Iv got a Pokemon idea that I think many might like: the Eevee collection, probably best on cat and fox
  • @DezzNutzz I can do that. U wanting Kanto, Johto, Sinnoh, and Kalos? or do u want them all XD might take a bit if i do all of em in a collection. 
  • It may be alot to ask but all of them if u don't mind. I don't mind the wait tho, thx bruh.
  • Pokemon is also dead to me also. Iv stopped at 3ds, cuz the new crap is awful
  • @DezzNutzz Id like to apologize for the wait, I have a paid event, going on, i am currently out of state doing a voice acting skit : P i should be back within a month. I apologize for the wait. if u have any questions PM me.
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