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Suggested YL2 Maps [Ive got Drawings!]

I just want to say that im still eager for this YL2C release, and now im thinking about the different maps to play on. However, YL1 had some lackluster ones. Beach House was the best, it had the most multiple uses and variety. Spa, maybe second best due to how gracefully simple it was. But Fantasy was the worst, being a big but mostly empty space. Office is second worst for being so polished and had a lot of work, but the variety was very low despite having so much.

So! I do not know the next philosophy for YL2 maps, but I do think that Thinking EFFECTIVE is the better way than thinking Large. Something that can have multiple different scenes, or a big area that is essentially many different small maps, sort of like beach house.

I am certain you guys will do a BeachHouseV2, so I wont bother thinking of one for that, but I do have other ideas.

What im showing is just suggested Concepts. Iterations would def make these concepts look better but for now, just pure ideas and concepts.
Birchwood which is just an extension to the YL2 Nature character environment, but leading into a more secluded place. A place with a Cabin, Cave and pond with a waterfall running down. All surrounded with colorful Birch trees of autumn. I am certain with. Cabin, Cave, Pond with Trees inbetween is about 4 maps in 1.

We gotta have a Self Aware map like a Porn Studio. A map that can feature many props to play around with, most prominently a green screen to perhaps play around with in-environment. However, more likely smaller props that can be handled like dildos and such.

The Alps. A very small map for simple purposes. One cozy woody room with a grand bed, fire place, and a terrace out into the snow. It has a grand vista similar to YL2 nature, just snowy. And its snowing. Small, directed and effective. Maybe not as open to imagination as SPA.
SkyScrape Pool, mixed with bar. Maybe even add a restroom/Locker room on the inside bit of the map. The outside of the pool can be glass so for easier to see through.

Additional Ideas are:

Pirate Ship (Could be immensely difficult)

Party Boat/Yacht (Probably easier than pirate ship, Maybe the new BeachHouse?)

Desert Oasis (I have a hunch you guys are already wanting to be doing something like this)

Dungeon (A small map, open for that BDSM thing)

This is all easier said than done. I wish we could get a sitrep on how it is the developers make maps so that potentially we can make maps for you. Nothing like a map creator, more for those that already know how to use the same tools the developers are using.


  • Can I just take this opportunity to make a few map suggestions as well? First a simple suburban house with two floors and multiple rooms: a living room, kitchen, maybe a basement/laundry room/empty garage, and upstairs is the bedrooms (parents, brothers and sisters) and bathroom. This can consist of just the interiors with no outdoors.

    Second and most important is a fighting ring arena, the kind used for boxing and wrestling. {Look, sexy wrestling/fighting is one of my fetishes, so a map that can facilitate this would be very much appreciated.)
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    @SteelCrow13 A simple suburban house just seems boring, and I personally would avoid anything kid related. But the boxing arena could be made in tandemn with a Gym map and a locker map. So Arena, Gym and Locker all in one map would be a really good one.
  • I think an Idea we could get a ton of mileage out of for relatively little work is having different times of day and weather conditions available for each map. Ideally, you'd be able to set these yourself with sliders and checkboxes, but failing that, a few authored variants (like foggy sunrise or thunderstorm in the night, etc.) would also fit the bill. Even interior maps with no windows could benefit from some ambient sound effect cues from the weather effects. Rainy evening spent cosying up in bed, anyone?

    I'll second the idea for a yacht and provide some reference material for inspiration; this is an as-yet unrealized concept for a luxury megayacht called La Belle. Designed with women in mind, it's got a somewhat different selection of facilities from your average boat of similar caliber and has a very classy look to it.

    Perhaps something a little smaller in scale but equally as opulent would fit the bill nicely. And, if we're allowed to dream, it'd also be nice for the user to be able to modify the colours and materials of the yacht. I think this would look pretty nice in black and copper instead, for example.

    Speaking of luxury, I'd love to see a Roman bathhouse. There's plenty of material on how they looked and functioned out there, so there's a lot of room for variety with all the different kinds of baths, the antechambers and the furnaces under the floor that heated the whole building, not just the water:

    There's also this 20th century interpretation of a Roman pool at Hearst Castle that's interesting in it's own right:

    Maybe something in this scale or smaller but decorated a bit more like the Baths of Caracalla or the Baths of Diocletian would work well. There's something to be said for the appeal of tall walls with decorative mosaics and lots of statues as well, though. Speaking of, a fun idea for the statues would be having characters the community takes a liking to immortalized in marble and put on the map.

    How about something more futuristic and an interesting little twist on the office concept with a cyberpunk cityscape? Not a complete one, mind, but a nice little vertical slice of one that has everything from the mean streets up to an ostentatious corporate office, and a few interesting points in between, like a small, automated street-corner diner, a lower-middle class appartment à la Decard's from the original Blade Runner and a body-modification laboratory complete with tanks of amniotic fluid for holding works-in-progress, all framed by the glowing neon of huge advertisements on the sides of looming, dark skyscrapers of downright oppressive height. Would provide plenty of room for non-pornographic storytelling to go with the lewder elements (futuristic strip club and sex toy shop, anyone?) which is always a nice plus. Here's some items for the moodboard:

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    @Craket I was going to suggest a gym but I thought it would be redundant with the arena included. I really like your ideas though, especially the Alps cabin. It looks like a nice and cozy place for some fun.

    @Brownmane I agree with the time of day/weather options. I really wished some of the maps were set at night.
  • @Brownmane I would LOVE for a Futuristic setting! The only concern is if it would be too different, or too drastic of an environment. Heck, maybe having drastic environments are a good thing, I dont know. But yes, something futuristic, as much as I like cyberpunk I think a more Mass effect / Star trek like world where its a bar in space, or something-something in space would offer something more of what we just dont have down on earth. In anycase, it would take a lot of consideration that Ide so love.
  • i would love a medieval dungeon, had an idea for a story involving a rat-folk servant of Tiamat and a large bear knight 
  • Looking forward to see those maps
  • I just had a great idea for a map: a red light district, or at least part of one. I'm imagining two buildings facing each other on a small narrow street, with some side alleys for back alley shenanigans.

    One building is a strip club/gentleman's club equipped with bar and a stage with removable stripper poles, maybe even a catwalk. The upstairs is a large managers office while the downstairs/basement could be a porn studio like the one Craket suggested.

    Across the street from that is a brothel/love hotel with 3-4 rooms on the ground floor and 1-2 larger rooms for groups on the 2nd. Finally in the basement is a fully equipped BDSM dungeon complete with chains, cages, whips etc.

    In case you were wondering, yes, I got the idea from watching/reading Interspecies Reviewers.
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