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Kiah the Wolf

Im happy how she turned out. Not an unpopular animal, but its the only kind in my mind when thinking of making a muscular female. Should I do one for Bear? Give Tim (The bear) a compatible partner? :o

Last image is a Tekken reference


  • DogsonDogson Administrator
    Good work!
  • My skills are increasing.

    Textures, I havent added any until now.

    It may not be the best texture for a sense of fur strands, but I find it difficult to choose between having texture or not having texture.

    With it, things look like they have more volume, Without it, things look more cartoony. And both versions are good looking. I only wish I could make more fitting and better texture.

    Perhaps a cartoony texture? Yukk, I dont like making textures, and I will probably fail at a cartoony one..
  • odesodes Administrator
    She's cute! Very cool design. Good job!
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