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Some suggestions that I came up with playing YL1 that would be nice for YL2

edited January 2020 in Suggestions
So, dunno if it's better to post here or in YL2, but I figure I'd post here since my feedback is relative to YL1. This is all in VR on a Vive.

  • I find it really disorientating how the floor isn't always downwards. It would be nice if the camera would always have the pitch/roll orientation of my real life head, and the orbit would only change the yaw and position of the camera. This honestly distracted me from enjoying the experience most of the time, it's a big issue.
  • It would be nice if I could "take control" of a character. This could be done by placing the camera into the character's head, and changing the character's head bone to be invisible (or scale of zero or something). It doesn't need to allow me to do anything as the character, just give me the view.
  • It would be nice if we could have scale adjustment in-game. I have a macro/micro fetish so sometimes I'd like to imagine myself being tiny or the characters/scene being giant or vice versa, but this is only possible if I can adjust my IPD and movement scale so that the cameras render closer or farther apart and I don't move as far if I move my head when I'm small.
  • Bug report: When using the middle mouse to pan, the mouse can leave the window, preventing me from controlling anything until I take off my headset and click back into the window.


  • odesodes Administrator
    1. The code was intentionally made so that the camera matches the characters angle. I should probably make that an option. (VR for Yiffalicious was made for sitting, not standing.)

    2. Press left and right mouse button while looking at a character, and go into POV mode.

    3. Scaling is tricky due to many technical reasons. I always wanted to do a map where the buildings are really small though, so that would give the appearance of the characters being really big.

    4. Best work-around atm is to use full screen.
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