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  • You made me give lycanroc a try - what do you think?
  • its definitely closer to the original
  • wait a second,howd you do those floppy ears?

  • 10 minutes in blender. Clay sculpting is way more intuitive than I thought.

    I also figured out how to make mouth and teeth masks in blender, throwing dragon head ones as a bonus (I know lycanroc is supposed to be canine, but dragon head shape was more fitting). Teeth aren't perfect, but they're good enough.

    Is anyone interested in a tutorial for mouth/teeth?
  • yes, if you could pt one down that'd be great
  • @Styl1sh I like your version, would you share it?
  • edited January 16
    Eh, sure. I've added it to the google drive folder. It's largely unfinished - what you see in screenshots is all there is.
    I'm waiting for character loading fixes, so I don't have to reset everything, and not get greeted by an eldritch monster every time.
    I also plan to add custom spikes for the head and sides of torso.
  • Oh sure I didn´t take into account that, it is better to wait, but thanks for sharing it anyway
  • A few blender tutorials later I'm more or less able to make the shapes I have in mind.
    I've updated the model a bit:
  • hey godd looking
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