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Giulia Moon

edited January 12 in Characters
Hey there!

Been busy modeling my little girl for alomst a week now and i finally decided to stop fiddling her to death and post the results of my work.

So, yeah here is Giulia Moon:

Since I am a lazy guy (and pretty bad at 3d-modeling) I grabbed about 90% of her assets from freeware around the net.

Big thanks @thirteeenth for his Fluff-Tutorial which helped me out a LOT! Even bigger thanks belongs @odes and @Dogson for making this happen! Brilliant job in creating something that even a n00b like me can a certain degree :D, which brings me to the next point of this nice conversation: feel free to throw your critique at me, since that's the only way to improve my work (I believe... :p).

What i already know is, that the position of the fluff, the fingernails and the belt go haywire when posing her. I'm gonna fix this the next days.

It seems that in some environments the fluff suddenly disappears, not quite sure when it happens but every picture taken on the bridge is without fluff. @odes might be a minor bug?

However I had hella fun to do some shooting with her and I'm quite happy how she turned out.

When the in-app-cloud goes live I will share everything with you guys, but for now just enjoy the view for a while ;)

Happy crafting and modeling to you all!

Last tweaks and calling her finish!

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