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YL2 Tutorial - Creating mouth mask using blender

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  • edited January 2020
    Oh wow thank you! I will try this, see how it goes

    Edit: You may have noticed that I posted them below, Thanks for showing us this and I now know how to make textures! Please follow his guide if you want to make somewhat complex textures elsewhere. I couldnt find the mirroring tool, which I believe Substance Painter Did have, but substance painter costs money and its heavier to manage but more versatile I suppouse. Not that im any good at it.
  • Scalie Mouth
    Scalie Teeth
    For those who stumble here.

  • canine2MouthCanine2TeethCanine2InnerLips

  • Canine Mouth
    Canine Teeth
    Canine innerLips
  • Feline MouthFeline Teeth
    I believe thats all.

  • In the end, those are just image files - any decent editor will let you mirror, or just copy, paste and flip.
    Right now I'm trying to paint teeth perfectly in vector-based inkscape. I've exported the UV map and using it as a source for shapes to fill.
  • odesodes Administrator
    Excellent tutorial and assets @Styl1sh, thanks for sharing! I'm sure others will benefit from this.

    Good job!
  • Thank you!  The pre made masks are a bonus. Saves me a ton of time.
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