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My first attempt that's still in the works

I've started trying to get the hang of this by trying to start making a character of mine called Arneb but It's not the best and pretty much sucks

For reference I'm trying to make this:


  • DogsonDogson Administrator
    edited January 12
    Could you perhaps link pictures? I'm not seeing anything.

    *Edit* Fixed with VPN, She's a cutie!
  • odesodes Administrator
    She's cute! I like her.
  • edited January 12
    I though I did upload her original, give me one second
    This is her, also thanks Odes
  • Im feeling a bit bored and I wanna see if I can have a go at her for you in YL2c. My main criticism is "Not enough fluff!!" which is something you should try out. You should find to attach appendages and work with "Fluff Groups". You can manage to make some pretty nice looking stuff with it.

    So, I hope if you dont mind that I try making her?
  • Go ahead, I encourage it, I'm still getting the hang of most of it and messing around to try and learn more, I just learned about how to add fluff so I'm gonna keep trying to update her(and flip those ears)
  • I managed to do it quicker than I thought, was pretty fun.

    And shes yours to keep.

    I think I took these images at Lower graphical settings but whatever. Still looks good imo.

  • Wow, now that's some fluff!! (owo)
  • edited January 13
    That's amazing, great work and I'm still trying to get the hang of placing furr, Is there a way to place more than one quickly or any way other than playing a bunch on one side and then mirroring(I just wanna know so I know how many clicks I'd be having to do)
  • odesodes Administrator
    Very cool @Craket. You're really starting to get the hang of this!
  • DogsonDogson Administrator

    Could this type of body be described as Chibi? We have been in talks about making a chibi-body before and seeing this spurred my thoughts about putting this body-type on my to-do-list.

    Any comments?
  • @Dogson Ide love as much content as possible to choose from and edit with, but some things are sometimes unnecessary. As in, I made a chibi like character without the use of a Chibi body type. However, a chibi body type can make things look even more like a chibi. It depends on the range of things you want to let us do/make. "Bone Options" is what makes most of these designs and ideas come through, there are only certain things that are limited. For example, the neck of my llama character cant go up any longer, or the arm of Arneb seems to not have a clear Wrist Point, which I couldnt entirely emulate with YL2c's bone options, but a Chibi body type could eliminate those kinds of proportion limitations. So ide like it.

    @menny Currently there is no method of placing more than one fluff,but I think you will get a hang of it anyway. When I have a bunch of fluff to add, I slide my mouse as im clicking and holding(Very slightly) to make the fluff go the direction of my mouse. This can create manufactured looking fluff which is not desirable, so I add inbetweeners to put a bit of a random feeling back, BEND tends to also help with making the fluff look uniform and random at the same time.

    But Stay away from TILT unless you are done with placing New Fluff. TILT is the only thing that does not properly get added to any New Fluff that you add.

    To better illustrate this, I place a bunch of fluff on the scalp, then I tilt them Upwards. When I add any new fluff, that New fluff does TRY to emulate the other fluffs TILT settings, but what it does is somehow go the opposite direction and into the scalp.

    So if you want to raise hair without using TILT, use STARTING_LOCATION or ANGLE instead. Use TILT when you are not going to add any new fluff. New Fluff for the other settings are the only ones that do cross over properly.

    So if you like the look of how One Fluff strand looks that youve edited, any other fluff that you add will have the same settings.

    Have some nice fluff alphas to work with.

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