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Female anubian jackal

edited January 2020 in Characters
Decided to post a character i made in order to try something that's been bugging me on here. Seen people using mediafire to post the download links to their creations so i've been wondering if we can't simply post the .yl2c file through the url attachement. First time user so let's so how it goes. 

Download ==> ✨ Anubian_jackal_female.yl2c

If shit don't work then well i guess the joke's on me! Or that the preview lied to me.

P.S: Did not mean to mark the post as a spoiler. Clicked stuff to the a feel of things and now it's like that. First time user' terrible first attempt, what can i say.


  • The link worked for me, I really like the idea of using the different metallics/smoothnesses for jewelry Textures and masks. Nice going with that.
  • Well that certainly more than a little bit impressive, great work.
  • odesodes Administrator
    Very sexy! Thanks for sharing.
  • DogsonDogson Administrator
    Impressive! Jackal head and ears are planned.
  • wow ! How did you make the muscles ?
  • Thicc and muscular, one of the ideal combos
  • Ah hey thanks for the positive comments, guys. Appreciated! As for how i got a muscular girl it's fairly simple, Method. Use the muscular body shape and tone down the influence so that it's not overly masculine, from there you can start inflating the butt&thighs as well as breasts and play with bone structure to create a feminine looking body
  • edited January 2020
    Not using YL2 atm but I can't seem to get the link to work currently. Just opens a brief window then closes with no DL.

    (Lied... PC is hiding things from me... Windows is just trying to piss me off >:[ )
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