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Or my best attempt, anyway. Fluffs are hard to make look really good, but my hand is already cramping up a little. I wish there were an option to hide the pupil. Also could really use some wing models. Other than those things, I think it's fairly close.



  • edited January 2020
    Dang! You did it before me, and yes she looks great! You made a good choice in body proportion. I changed some of fluff alphas to this one

    And did a bit of fluff editing. I angled, tilted and then what was missing, is TWISTING the fluff to not look paper thin from as many angles as possible.

    Same for cheek fluff, Shortening, bend and then twisting.

    I like Fidget, and I like fluff work so I couldnt resist.

    I was surprised by that you took the time to colour the inside of the EyeLids to give that makeup look that she has! That really adds to her, I would have skipped that due to lazynes.

    Edit: Thats weird. Her hair is standing up a bit higher (presumebly better) than what you see in the screenshot for me after reloading her. Probably due to tilt. Because Tilt is often times weird for me.

  • Good work, that's definitely a big improvement! I still have no idea what I'm doing with the fluffs, gotta practice some more.

    And yeah, the tilt (maybe other things) on the appendage groups seems to get messed up when saving and loading in some cases, very strange. Hopefully it'll be patched soon.
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