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How will fluff work when body parts get physics to them? Suggestion for Elastic Fluff!

edited January 13 in Suggestions
I trust that the straight tail models will have joints to them at one point. But I dont know how most of these elements will have physics to them, like ears.

However, one thing I am also not certain of is how FLUFF will work, and I do love fluff. So in the patreon builds were we see a bunch of physics to the bodies, I am uncertain of how current fluff will look with physics. Essentially, we are using fluff appendages but without any way of testing how it will properly work. Which means, im going to have to update all of my characters to better fit a functional use when physics+scenes are activated.

There is an idea of a way to make Hairfluff, and perhaps body fluff to have physics to them without being stiff like they are now. So lets pretend there is now a new option in the Fluff selection to make this Fluffgroup elastic. Elastic fluff means it will bend and bounce around based on the speed of the body. The starting location for each fluff being the anchor of-course.

I do remember seeing flat textures that have certain physics to them. Elasticly or very loosely, like Halo 1 flag.

Now, the flag itself is one flat texture with some technical magic im not savy with to be able to somewhat flow like a real flag based on movement. What YL2 can allow is staticly be elastic, it does not need to bend or flow like what this flag does, instead, one fluff appandage could be as stiff as it is now, but be distorted and moved around based on movement, its starting location sits tight while the end location is what moves around, stretching and rotating the fluff appendage based on physics. It will always try to get back to position. You can also add a maximum limit to how far the fluff will stretch out, just to not let things get out of hand.

One thing im certain of that will most likely happen is that the fluff should not be physical to any other objects. Meaning, you cannot brush a hand over a fluff, and have it move based on that. I think that would be hard to implement properly without big problems.

I swear I can remember a much better example that perfectly illustrates what could be elastic fluff, but the memory keeps escaping me. In anycase, this will allow for HairFluff be used as hair!

Unless... you guys already have an idea yourselves?
I remember this image, and figured this was just concept art. But in other ways, I kept thinking how each big hair strand here is one physics model, similar to the dragoness in YL1. And if that is the case, would it then also be possible to add fluff to that? Not sure if that would look good, but any way to make proper hair, and somewhat flow would be welcomed.

Forgive me if you guys have adressed this in a patreon build post. I really cannot remember if there was one.

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